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Governor Orji and the haters of Abia


Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State

Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State

SIR: Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji of Abia State is an enigma, no matter what the likes of Ferdinand Ekeoma, Ebere Wabara and co. are writing in praise of Alex Otti, the phony candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). Ferdinand Ekeoma lied again in an article titled “Otti and Misplaced Aggression of Abia Oppressors” published on page 20 of our revered The Guardian of March 3, 2015.

Just a fortnight, from the propaganda mill, traducers like these persons circulated an impish story that Governor Orji was pelted and booed during the burial of pioneer Catholic Bishop of Aba, late Bishop Vincent Valentine Ezeonyia; a story that the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Charles Ajunwa, had condemned in its entirety and described as hostile attitude of detractors.

We can see those who are the real haters of our state. They are the hack writers who sit in the comfort of their hired hotel rooms to dish out malicious stories that never happened around Governor Orji, an innocent man. However, there will never be a comparison between Governor Orji and Otti, because Ochendo as he is fondly called by his admirers, is in class of his own. Governor Orji stands tall, while Otti is gasping for the breath. It was Governor Orji who awakened the political consciousness of our people, and not whoever. He was the man who killed godfatherism in the state and has vowed against its resurgence.

To be frank, Governor Orji is held in high esteem and loved by the populace. His impeccable records in the issue of governance speak for him. He has also achieved huge success for Abia State. Governor Orji is a responsible leader whose leadership is also responsible. The governor took the Abia project as that of the people and has done creditably well in governance.

It is as a result of the foresightedness of the governor that power must shift to the Ukwa/Ngwa area that Abia people have vowed that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will be re-elected in the 2015 elections. And the person that is to be elected is no other person than Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu (PhD), the amiable and humble candidate of the party, who has been tested and trusted in all ramifications.

Ekeoma lied in an article he circulated recently where he said, “The latest desperate but uncivilized acts of violence is the threatening of traders with seizure of their shops should they fail to vote for the candidate being projected by T.A. Orji, while Keke operators and commercial bus drivers with Dr. Otti’s posters and stickers on their tricycles and vehicles are beaten up and forced to remove such posters…”

It is the duty of the people to sieve the chaff from the wheat. If the governor was desperate like Otti in the context, he would not have given any of the gubernatorial candidates a soft ground to campaign. But they are free, going about their campaigns in the cities and villages of Abia State without any iota of molestations. But here are haters of Abia State fielding the world with lies that the governor is tyrannical. It is not true!

The government has also not destroyed campaign facilities and materials of Otti.

Governor Orji will not stop to crusade about the change he has started in Abia State. He is a good man and will be remembered for this, when his tenure as governor elapsed.

• Madubuko Hart, Lagos

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  • Chidiebere

    This writer is delusional, no wonder he is writing from far away Lagos, when was the last time he ever visited Abia State for him to write this trash?. Please spell out T. A Orji’s stewardship for the state and people? Do you know that the man being paraded for PDP is the current Chairman of Abia State Environmental Protection Agency (ASEPA) and still it is on record that Abia State, Aba in particular is the DIRTIEST state and city in Nigeria? if T.A Orji governed and has the interest of the State at heart would he present a failed agency chairman as a candidate? Someone that cannot deliver as an agency Chairman, how on earth will he survive governorship? Please get your facts right before insulting people. I am a born, breed, buttered, hammed and chessed ABA Boy and i sincerely and honestly love that town.

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    Pls hear ur self,does an elected Gov have the Right to stop other parties from canvassing for votes.This gov did not do much in Abia state,To be frank,Otti has a better pedigree.

  • Olufemi Adetayo

    I don’t believe that at this age someone will be in Lagos and be writing about what is happening in another state. Mr. Madubuko, I don’t know where you got your information about the political transformation in Abia State, but if it is the same Abia I live, the same Keke men I interact with everyday, and the same market I visit almost every week, then you are very wrong sir. The people of Abia state are being frustrated, “you claim” T. A Orji has brought an end to God fatherism; it is clear to the blind and audible to the deaf that Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu (PhD) is T. A Orji’s stooge. Why did the people of Aba reject Him if he is so loved by Abians? Ochendo has bullied this state enough, and having another boy of his won’t be fair to the Abians.

    Mr. Madubuko, let me remind you that your so much loved Ochendo has not payed his staff for about 5 months, schools are dilapidated, roads are not motor-able, security agencies are used to bully his opponents, etc. what more can you ask from a Governor that is loved by his party (PDP) but not his people.

    The people of Abia are even scared of going to the polls due to the way has bought the security agencies over to his side. One thing i know for sure, come March 28, Abians will decide who they want, and personally I have decided to pitch my tent with the APGA candidate.

  • cosmosoluchukwu

    The Gov has done pretty well in the area of security, Energy distribution, primary and tertiary healthcare, development of human capital through various youth empowerment Programmes, infrastructural development…New essential structures like the workers secretariat, International Conference centre, remodeling of Abia hotels to boost the hospitality and tourism industry, the new high court buildings Umuahia and Aba…the more decent court houses the more judges the more jobs, the new Abia State library headquarters to boost learning and research, the Abia State Specialist and Diagnostic Hospital commended as the best in the entire south east and south south region, the new eye and dialysis centre in Umuahia, the new industrial market Umuahia and Umuahia Modern market to boost commerce and industry also to decongest the Umuahia city centre, the new motor Spare Parts and Mechanic Village at Ohiya Umuahia to create sanity and enhance environmental decency in Umuahia city centre, the new govt house Govt house currently situated in a private and rented property. A functioning skill acquisition centre training about 5000 youths currently. A new broadcasting House (BCA) building, a new JAAC, ASUBEB and Chieftancy affairs complex in Umuahia, A newly built ministry of Justice building in Umuahia, about 250 primary health care centres across the state, partnering with World bank to build Community Social Development program projects as demanded by communities in Abia State, A new House of Assembly Administrative and constituency complex within the HOA premises. A new ASEPA building, ASEPA is currently occupying a rented building, built &commissioned the Amaokwe housing Estate in Umuahia, Isieke, Amaudo and Aso small and medium income housing estates are currently ongoing in Umuahia, massive investment in the environmental sector…Opening up drains in Aba & Umuahia, provision of refuse dump equipment & Trucks etc. The govt has built numerous rural and urban roads in Isukwuato, Ohafia, Bende Umunneochi, Umuahia, Ikwu ano, Isi ala Ngwa etc including the 17 major Aba city roads recently embarked upon…Brass, Milverton, Ngwa Road, Faulks Road, Geometric, Ama Ogbonna, etc. All these are verifiable in addition to massive investment on security of lives and property. ABSG invested over 1.5 billion to evacuate power (electricity) from the Ohiya sub power station after the federal govt built but abandoned it. Power supply has improved in Umuahia and environs leading to massive boost in the small and medium scale enterprises sector. Umuahia, the capital city doesn’t get dark at night as a result of the massive investment on street light project. Remember security globally requires huge investment and for Abia State to be known currently as a safe zone, massive investment is being invested to sustain the achievement made so far on security. All these and many more doesn’t stop Abia State from having her challenges as a State but the good news is that those developmental challenges are being tackled with the funds available to the State without borrowing.

  • cosmosoluchukwu

    What ever you guys write you are wasting your time, what we know is that T.A has done more than we expected and by Gods grace his Abia South sucessor will extend the delopmental project to other parts of Abia and rebuild Aba.

  • emmanuel

    Bravo your Excelency!!! A wise man once said that ” The elephant never gets tired of carrying its Tusks” Ochendo Global, u have done well and still not tired of doing good for Abians. More grease to ur elbow sir!!!Our father and amiable leader of our state,God bless you and those who appreciates the good works going from you.

  • Ogechukwu E Ukomah

    I laugh when some ungrateful creatures bit the finger that feeds them. Since the creation of Abia state we have not experience the Good government we are seeing today, anybody writing to speak bad about this present government is an enemy to the state, T A has perform well and I no okezie ikpeazu coming from PDP we do more Good to d state

  • Nnochiri Chinomso Arabtinz

    ..that is someone will in lagos and know what is happening in abia…you must be high with cowbell milk….ochendo have done what no oda gocernor that rule abia state have done….mark my world ochendo is the best governor abia have ever produce

  • patrikobi

    The governor of Abia state has by every means done a great deal of work in given Abia state a facelift.He has stopped at nothing in making sure that the foot print he has made as a mark will continue to be followed to keep transforming Abia state.

  • nelson

    mr. madubuko or what do you call your self. you are not in Abia state so i don’t understand what you are saying. go and find something to do.T.A.ORJI is a failure. he dost not have conscience, let him allow APGA to save us from his evil bondage.

  • nelson

    up APGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! up change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! change must come into Abia state we dont want continuity

    down continuity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! down PDP

  • peter

    who is wabara?how can he talk when he is one of the people that GMB will probe for corruption.these old politicians could care less about the progress of abia state.all they want is to reward themselves. I neva voted for buhari but at least i am hapy he will curb corruption and bring many people to accountabilty