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Firm rolls out high-tech waste trucks in Lagos


The Vac-con truck for waste management

The Vac-con truck for waste management

Solution seems on its way to ameliorate the challenge of perennial floods in cities across the country, as Lagos-based firm has unveiled a high-tech, capacity waste management trucks designed to clear, evacuate and suck up both wet and dry waste in all categories and forms.

Known as Vac-con, the equipment, which made its way into the country from Florida, U.S.A clears waste associated with sand and gravel, sewage, effluent / wastewater as well as clearing of solid waste dumps.

“The truck is the first of its kind in Nigeria, just a year old. It is a truck for all needs,” Mrs. Folashade Omotosho Head, Corporate Services of Globetech Remedial Nigeria Limited enthused.

She revealed that the company specializes in environmental services, including sales and services of waste management equipment, which is where the trucks come in.

Shedding some light on her assertion, she said the truck can be used in private estates in addition to public places for clearing of canals, conduit drains, blocked pipes, sewer lines and oil spillage sites; the construction industry, government institutions as well as private individuals are its likely beneficiaries, she added.

Globetech which is Vac-con’s authorized dealer in Nigeria is thus still in the process of marketing the trucks which they expect the government to want to take advantage of to manage flooding in the states, particularly Lagos.

Revealing that It comes in six varied sizes ranging from 3.5yard to 16yard the latter being the largest, Omotosho said the trucks are available for sale and could cost up to $200,000, for those who will require to own their personal truck whether for private use or for commercial purposes.

She added that the company also intends to offer Vac-con trucks for rental services to be charged hourly, per day, monthly, short term periods and so forth. With this truck, the floodwater or sand can be sucked in a few seconds, whether through the manholes in a few seconds because of the pressure and capacity it is built with.

The pressure is really on the high side, according to the specifications of the blower, the sucker and all the functions it comes with. You will wonder at the specifications such as the vacuum compressor, the verve the wind blower and so forth. It can clear canals, no matter the magnitude of the problem, sconduit drains where you have blockages and much more.

“It equally reduces breakage. Breakage in the sense of using casual labour to break open manholes before they can clear blockages. What we do with the truck, on the other hand, is just to make a perforated line around the manwhole, lift up the covering and clear / suck water or sand or whatever is blocking the sewer in a matter of seconds.

There is also the added advantage that it can clear from one end and dump at the other end, thereby reducing the use of manpower, labour, mess, traffic gridlock and the likes, including all the diversions of road because workers are breaking and clearing drains on the roads. You generally get better results.

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