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DJ Shaffy’s Gamble With Share A Coke Pays Off


DJ Staffy

DJ Staffy

FRANKLY, not many are surprised with the emotional response to the Share a Coke campaign in Nigeria. Consumers have continued to pour tributes on the brand for recognising and making them famous by swapping its iconic logo for their names.

Over 600 popular names among Nigerians were carefully selected for this campaign, but who would have ever thought that an uncommon nickname ‘Avalon’ would find its way in the campaign?

Well, an avid lover of Coke, DJ Staffy, in an open display of brand love and loyalty decided to write the soft drink giants an open letter, which went viral.

In the letter, posted on Coca-Cola Nigeria’s Instagram page, and published by many blogs and websites, DJ Staffy (real name Ezeobi Nnabuike), aka Avalon, talked about his love for the brand and the pain of not finding his nickname ‘Avalon’ in the bottle.

Consequently, DJ Staffy teased the company with a three- day ultimatum to sort out a Share a Coke bottle with his name on it.

So, how did the brand respond to this ultimatum from DJ Staffy? And why did he write the letter? In this interview, DJ Staffy, the 27 year-old graduate of public administration, spoke about the brand’s response and why he is not switching to another one anytime soon.

What do you do?

I am a DJ; I am popularly known as DJ Staffy. You know, in Nigeria, people believe that a staff is a symbol of authority. So, Staffy was derived from there, like I got ‘staff’ to the beat. That is how the name came about.

What else do you do apart from being a DJ?

I am a web developer, created my own site. I create and design websites; I am a graphic designer — most my graphics I do them.
When you wrote the open letter, did you expect a response from the company?

Yes. If I didn’t expect a response I wouldn’t have posted the letter on Instagram. I actually wanted the person in charge of its social media to see it. And definitely other people will see it.

Why did you write the letter?

What motivated me was the incident that happened where a former president tore his membership card of his political party before the press. So, that is what inspired me towards writing the letter and if you are observant you will see that I cued in something from that event. To be frank I was very mad when I wrote the letter. It was not to get attention. I did it to get my friends to give me suggestions because I first shared it as a broadcast message on BBM and they started commenting, that led to Facebook and Twitter, then to Instagram from where most people got the letter. But the letter meant no harm.

Would you still rip your membership card of its ‘Fan Club’?

That is not going to happen. Like I said before, the brand has been part of my life, it is not just my brand, but part of my life. I have been with it for a very long time and I enjoy the brand. Even when I am drinking whisky, I must mix it with Coca-Cola. For the fact that brand has done this, it is still the best brand, no matter what, I am not going to ever stop drinking Coke

So for how long have you been a Coke drinker?

Since I came into this world, it has been my brand. I started drinking Coca-Cola when the logo was a white picture, I have been taking it right from childhood and until now, it is still my brand.

You were given customised cans with the names DJ Staffy and Avalon, how did the response from the company make you feel?

I must tell you that I am overwhelmed. I am very happy. I believe that we are together. As far as I am concerned, the brand is a partner irrespective of the fact that I don’t work in the company, but that it is my brand. I am very happy that Coca-Cola responded to my request. I would continue to tell people that it is the brand — it is not just a brand, just make it part of your life.

What was the reaction of your friends when they heard about what the company did?

They said they are ready to flood the company’s office in Lagos and that they want to come to Lagos to get theirs. I know they are joking. So many of my friends have been looking forward to getting something like this. And if they can easily come to pick it up they would do that.

Why do you like the Share a Coke campaign?

I believe is the best campaignthe brand has ever done. People love the campaign because it carries everybody along.
Where do you see yourself in five years?

Becoming the best DJ in Africa.

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