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Olumhense steps in as National Youth Assembly Speaker


Akhigbe Olumhense (left) with other newly elecyed officials of NYAN at their swearing in ceremony in Abuja

Youth leader and activist Akhigbe Olumhesen has been sworn in as the third speaker of the National Youth Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN), an independent command organ focused on galvanising Nigerian youth across the country, as well as harnessing their potential towards national development and good citizenship.

The inauguration ceremony was held recently during the NYAN Youth Dialogue held in Abuja, where the body pledged to continue its efforts in protecting the interest of Nigerian youth all over the world.

In his address, Olumhesen said, “Today, I have been given the mandate to build a credible youth voice for Nigeria youths; NYAN is leading a revolution in the youth movement in Nigeria. We believe we must change the dynamics of saying youth are the leaders of tomorrow, we are rather, the leaders of today, and the builders of tomorrow. We want to build youth, who will not wait and think they should be paid to come discuss their future; we must not go about begging for money and mortgaging our future in the Name of using youth to make money,” he said.

He informed that NYAN is different and unique in its approach towards raising the bar and ensuring that Nigerians youth can always meet to discuss the future of the country, with or without sponsors.

“We are committed to youth development and National peace and unity in Nigerian project.
The National youth Assembly is structured after the legislative protocol with each state of the federation represented by youth ambassadors and LGA coordinators. We wish to make NYAN a household name in the Nigerian project, to achieve this we need committed efforts by all stakeholders,” he said.

The desire of NYAN, according to the Speaker, is to speak for the generality of Nigerian youth, adding, even as the organisation has resolved to remain apolitical.

“You can belong or support any party of your choice, but when we get to NYAN, we try to play down your party position and rather talk patriotically for Nigerian youth and our future. We are not for government or against government; we support good government policies and advise when we feel the policy is not good.”

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