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Valentine Opportunities


Valentine-Champagne-2HURRAH! It’s another St. Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, some student would say. This season reminds them of visits to places of interest with friends and course mates. While the celebration lasts, I want creative students to know that there is so much they can do to catch fun and still make money.

Happening today, some social clubs, including Christian fellowships may want to embark on excursion, visit places of interest, but may not know how to go about it. Challenges like this is enough to establish one as a tour guide. Go ahead of the group and arrange for vehicles and as well find out some of the logistic challenges they might likely encounter getting there and proffer solutions. Doing this, would not only endear you to the heart of all, but make you a sought-after choice whenever the need arises.

Before doing this, you must first have a nice place of visit, which all must have approved to go and also your fare to the place must be friendly too.

In case travel tour guide does not interest you, how about making portraitures, cards or writing love poems that would make the day a memorable one for fun seekers. The core messages of Valentine is love and giving; so create something that would make givers and receivers happy.

Valentine is a huge business, so do not just sit and watch the day pass you by; key into the opportunities that come with the festival and make some money.

While some students would be having fun, leverage on their tastes and make money. Provide those services they crave for and smile to the bank. Take pictures of students’ happy times, frolicking in the garden or parks with friends and loved ones. If you are given to drawing, capture these happy moments with your pencil or pen and paper, frame them and you would see the owners of such images paying well for them. Depending on the sizes, such drawings usually earn an artist a handsome amount.

Another idea could be to organise a gig, maybe, in a restaurant or somewhere exclusive. Think of a place where life and property of attendees would not be at risk. If you are interested in that, then meet the owners of your proposed facility to tidy up the necessary agreement, including security and gate takings. The advantage of this is that fun seekers outside the campus would want to be part of it and would be ready to pay. Organising gigs is nothing new, but the security of attendees has always been the challenge, see this as an important matter and handle it with the desired attention.

But if you are talented at singing, you could do acappella or mime good songs; do not allow this talent to waste. In fact, this is one of the periods to make extra money with your talent. Visit any of the joints that welcome live band and the experience would be a rewarding one.

With Valentine comes dresses with diverse shades of red and wine colour. Think outside the box and spice your mates’ attires. Begin with yourself and before long others would come to you. Turn the designs of your cloth around; spice it with fabrics like adire, Ankara, george or other locally produced fabrics that would make wearers the cynosures of all eyes. The intention is not to make wearers look gaga, but to be expressive while within the ambit of moderation. Play with Valentine colours and you will always remember the day.

Could you imagine the cluster of ladies at the hairdresser’s salons or make-up shops waiting for their turns? Ladies would always want to look their best at festivals like this, so key into the business — dress ladies’ hairs, handle their manicure, pedicure and others in and around your campus.

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