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Omatek eyes 85% power consumption cut with solar solutions


Workers installing solar panels.   //Image source:

Workers installing solar panels.<br />Image source:

OMATEK Ventures Plc, an indigenous Information and Communications Technology (ICT) firm, is set to address Nigeria’s lingering electricity supply challenge through the deployment of solar technology solutions to reduce power consumption in the country by as a much as 85 per cent.

Already, the company has commissioned its 50KVA 3-phase off-grid solar solution factory that will represent the solar solution for factories, banks, telecommunications firms, government and other organisations that require big power installations.

Off-grid solutions, on-grid solutions as well as LED bulbs were also displayed at the event, at Omatek factory at Oregun in Ikeja, and well attended by ministers representing the Federal Government and key stakeholders from the private sector who earlier in the day carried out facility tour of the Solar Installations implemented by Omatek at the Greenwood School, Corona and the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

The event also witnessed the commissioning of the 12watts, 20 watts, 500 watts power solutions that replace the “I better pass my neighbour generator”, for small homes, shops, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), churches, rural electrification and rural system, street lighting implementation, schools and so son for students, farmers among others.

Addressing the audience that graced the event, Chief Executive Officer, Omatek, Mrs Florence Seriki, said the “These are all-in-one installations assembled locally and packed with Omatek’s solar, inverter, battery, controller in all-in-one carton and cane be self-installed.”

“Omatek Solar Solution, which is a hybrid solution that provides 24 hours lighting/power Solution by use of our solar-led bulb-inverter hybrid solution; whilst providing 70 – 90 per cent cut/deduction in power consumption and drastically reducing power consumption by an average of 85 per cent on the overall grid; thus enhancing growth in the real sector and general economic development,” she said..

According to her, “We have installed these solutions in schools, homes, offices and factories and proud to inform you that the education sector welcomed not just provision of power and green energy, the hostels and all reading areas have 24 hours lighting and this bridges the digital gap in our schooling system, as students had stopped reading in darkness.”

She also explained that, already, Omatek has almost completed the setup and the establishments of two local factories that will manufacture solar panels and the LED bulbs, saying only the all-in-one solutions are currently being produced locally.

Capturing key benefits inherent in the solar solutions, Seriki explained that the solutions “provides 24-hours alternate power/green energy for businesses, homes; provides 24-hour lighting solution to all; provides 24 hour solar energy and lighting solution for students, hostels, among others.

SMEs, homes, hostels, SMEs, small homes, shops; reduces power consumption by an average of 85 per cent by all; and well as providing affordable solar solution for continuous/uninterrupted lighting system.”

In her brief remark at Omatek Ventures on Monday, the Minister of Communications Technology, Dr. Omobola Johnson, commended Seriki for her resilience and growth strategies.

“I commend the management of Omatek for this initiative. We would continue to come up with policy that can help support your business through our local content initiative. More importantly, we urge Omatek to continue in its two lines of business: Computer assembly and solar technology solutions as the two are key to bridging digital divide and ensuring energy consumption efficiency in the country respectively”

In addition, Seriki said the solar solution promotes safe and clean environment; reduces in fire risk by use of the LED solution and materials particularly used as well as bridging digital gap in the education system and enhance modern living and reduces cost of living and running businesses considerably.

“The Omatek LED bulbs will not require replacement for three to five years whilst the solar will last 25 years. Duration of the batteries are for five to 10 years,” she added.

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  • emmanuel kalu

    This is the kind of energy solution that is needed to bridge the gap, while the discos and generation companies figure out how to provide continuous power. the govt has the responsibility of providing demand for this product and helping with small loans to homeowners, business and other organization to install this. renewable energy is the wave of the future, and the good things is that nigeria doesn’t have to do the research and test. it is proven technology, all we have to do is provide the product and implement it.