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Charles and Alex also known as TwoSG on their business of producing health drinks


What is TwoSG about?
(Charles) TwoSG is all about promoting health and fitness and helping people live a Happy and Healthy lifestyle, while enjoy the exotic flavour of fruit in the form of juice or in its natural form. My brother and I are the founders, I also double as the Chief Creative Officer (CCO), while Alex has the role of a chief financial officer (CFO).

What led you to this business?
(Charles) Well, our Mum heard about the Kids Entrepreneurs Fair last year. I am more adventurous with fruits than my brother, but he has always been very passionate about cooking, and since we are both very sporty, she thought that we would be interested in participating at the fair. We spoke about and it seemed like something fun to do, which could also promote health and fitness, so we started preparing for the KENT fair excitedly.


What does TwoSG stand for, and how did you come up with the name?
(Charles) TwoSG stands for ‘Two Sporty Guy’s, since my brother and I enjoy sports and we are good at it. It’s quite funny that initially when we spoke to our friends about what we wanted to do, we considered changing the name to ThreeSG and then FourSG, but we had to go back to TwoSG because we could not just keep changing our name every time one of our friends got excited about it and wanted to join us! They have given us some good ideas though.

What challenges have you had with the business and how have you overcome them?
(Charles) Over time we have faced few Challenges which we are learning to overcome. Estimating how much fruit we should buy can be tricky, because we cannot predict the demand from the public and because fruit is perishable, and unsold items rot easily and this results in wastage. Sometimes we struggle a bit with deciding how much to sell our products, because although we want to make profits we cannot be too expensive.

We have many interests and it is challenging to pay enough attention to all of them especially when we have our academics to focus on. Finding enough time to do all the things that we would like to do with the brand is difficult because of other sports and social commitments. For example, there are a lot of interesting updates that we need to make to our website but we haven’t been able to be consistent with this yet.

Why fruits? Why is a healthy lifestyle important?
(Alex) We should all eat fruits and vegetables because they provide health benefits, they can reduce the risk of getting diseases like cancer and heart diseases, and they also provide a range of vitamins and minerals. Healthy drinks are also good for you because they help you grow.

Why is what TwoSG does relevant?
(Alex) What TwoSG does is relevant because kids sometimes need to be encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables so that they don’t miss out on all the benefits. TwoSG has also provided a good learning opportunity for my brother and I.

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