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Chery unveils TIGGO8, reveals exceptional strength

By Benjamin Alade
02 May 2022   |   4:10 am
Chery Overseas Investment Corporation has released official pictures of TIGGO8. The free combination of 1.5T/2.0T power system and more sporty appearance revealed exceptional strength of TIGGO8.

Chery Overseas Investment Corporation has released official pictures of TIGGO8. The free combination of 1.5T/2.0T power system and more sporty appearance revealed exceptional strength of TIGGO8.

At the same time, the consumers have great expectations for its trimmings. In the official pictures of TIGGO8, we can find many design spotlights.

A statement made available to The Guardian by Senior Sales Manager, Chery Overseas Investment Corp., Jason Han, said as the Chinese car brand which ranks number one in export for 16 years, the TIGGO series has provided for customers around the world, a large number of SUV products, meeting the increasingly diversified car needs of consumers worldwide.

He said the launch of TIGGO 8 enriches the product portfolio of TIGGO series, and “we believe that TIGGO 8 will embrace a good market prospect, thanks to its outstanding design, rich configurations and “better” driving experience.”

Designed by the team led by former BMW designer Kevin Rice, TIGGO8 carries on the tiger-shaped H.D.S dynamic streamline body. The front grille adopts the dot matrix style. Together with LED automatic lamps, they make the front appearance with greater visual impact. The tail design uses penetrating LED tail lamps, which make the vehicle look sportier.

The official pictures also reveal cabin trimmings in TIGGO8 adopt the design philosophy of “wide body, embracing and floating.” The all-new horizontally-integrated floating console panel, classic matching of black and brown trimmings and “wide-body” luxury cabin, help upgrade the luxury of trimmings.

In the trimmings of TIGGO8, the three large screens outperform those in same-class competitors. including a 10.25-inch touch capacitor console screen with 1920 * 720 UHD, a 12.3-inch intelligent and connected full-screen LCD instrument and an 8-inch intelligent shared air-conditioning LCD touch screen.

Among them, the 12.3-inch intelligent multi-function instruments have powerful functions, such as a full-screen navigation display, various intelligent driving assistance system scene display and scene interactions, and free switching of instrument layouts. At the same time, the three screens can also realise interactions among them, bringing more avant-garde and high-tech driving experience for users.

The console area in TIGGO trimmings, in an innovative way, uses a horizontally-integrated suspension instrument panel equipped with wireless charging. The car also utilises color-changing rhythmic ambient lights, which can change colors with the rhythm of music, so as to create a stylish and luxurious sense. In addition, the TIGGO 8 trimmings also contain a number of user-friendly intelligent configurations such as a D-type multi-function steering wheel, coated with first-layer cow skin and key-type console switch.

In terms of the general colour design for trimmings, the elegant black and brown color matching and grey technical wood grain elements give greater sense of layer to the trimmings. The console area adopts full mirror design. The black piano paint and silver frame are more exquisite and luxurious, giving stronger visual tension to the trimmings.

With stylish and dynamic body appearance and all-new trimmings with great high-tech sense, TIGGO 8 brings us more-than-expected surprises. The model will soon be launched in the XX market. Soon, everyone will be able to witness its amazing quality, and we will report more on its configurations.

Dimensions of TIGGO 8 stand at 4,700×1,860×1,746mm. The standard 5+2 seat layout meets the needs of a family tour. Based on different reclining combinations of the second and third-row seats, the model can create 12 flexible and variable combination spaces to meet different travel needs of different users. After the rear seats are completely down, the rear space can reach 1,930L. If you feel fatigue in driving or in touring, TIGGO 8 will become an RV, with a bed for two people, where you can lie and get relaxed.

As a new SUV developed from T1X platform, TIGGO 8 stimulated heated discussions since its exposure, and its performance parameters are disclosed together with interior and exterior designs.

The tiger-crouching front together with tiger-eyes headlamps creates an imposing front posture and improves the recognition of TIGGO 8.

The sides of TIGGO 8 are designed with three sharp and simple waist lines characterized by straight lines and clear arc, creating a powerful and steady visual effect.

TIGGO 8 is developed from T1X platform, which is the first professional modular SUV platform in China, and has been further, optimised and upgraded for the development of TIGGO 8.

TIGGO 8 features an overall dimension of 4700/1860/1746mm, a wheelbase of 2710mm, front/rear headroom of 890mm and rear legroom up to 866mm, larger than current SUVs of the same class. The “5+2” seat layout and horizontally-foldable 2nd/3rd-row seats (5°) enable a super large storage space for TIGGO 8.

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