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Chrysolite dance crew ! wonder kids, talented dancers


Can we meet you kids?
Yes, we are the Chrysolite Crew (aka God’s Eye), and we are based in Ibadan. Our names and ages are Victor, 14 years; Ayomide, 14 years; Favour, 9 years; Iyanuoluwa, 13 years; Precious 7 years, Feranmi 12 years and Ramsey 6 years respectively.

How did you start this dance crew?
Waooh! Chrysolite Crew is more than a dance crew. It is an empowerment ministry, which simply means a crew for the fatherless, motherless and the less privilege.

The crew started April 14th 2015 and it started with four kids, three boys and a girl. It was started by our teacher who God showed the pattern of the crew in the area of dance to catch them young for Christ and lead them to the right path, which will lead them to Gods kingdom, and find them doing something unique to the people.

What is the aim and vision of your dance crew?
The aim and vision of the group is to build up kids to Christ and through our ministry, bring people to the knowledge of Christ.

What type of songs or beat do you dance to?
We dance to Gospel songs and beat.

Whenever you dance facing a very big crowd, how do you guys feel scared or confident?
When we started at first, we were always gripped with fear, but in the continuation of the journey so far, we gained confidence more and more.

How is your rehearsal always like?
Our rehearsal is always hot in the process of trying to perfect things, good, and with a friendship spirit.

How do you guys manage schooling and dancing at the same time, because we are aware that mastering the steps of dance isn’t a day’s job?
Yeah! But the scripture says with God all things are possible. Truly is not that easy for us to do both at a time, but with the help of God we are coping.

How do you get new dance steps different from the ones you have before?
We get this with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

How do you see yourself, a company, a group or a ministry?
We are a Ministry; born to do His work.

Have you ever danced for money before/ have you been dancing for money?
Not really, because our God supplies all our needs according to his riches in Glory.

How do you guys sponsor your group?
The group is sponsored with the help of God, some ministers of God and some wonderful people God has sent to us.

Where are the examples of places that you have danced before or the events that you have performed your dance skills?
Waooh! We performed at Judah program, Pure Praise, Fiyinfolu Program, Praise Banquet, Kiddies Funfair etc.

How do you kids get invitation to come and perform in different events?
We get on facebook, instagram, whatsapp and through referrals.

Have you guys ever thought of quitting this dance crew maybe due to disappointment or lack of funds?
Yes, when we started, it was not easy at all, buying costumes, feeding, paying the school fees, among other things. All this would have discouraged us, but we kept going, but all thanks to God, we are still standing.

How has the act of dancing added more value to your lives, and who are the people you guys have met due to nature of your work?
It added value to our lives because it has taken us to places we never expected to be, made us meet Kings, Chief and many important personnel.

Which dance competitions have you competed in before, and which of them have you won?
We competed in Got talent organized by a church and we won, we also competed in Easter Fiesta and we won.

Have you ever collected an award, if yes, what award is that?
Yes! The Best dance crew of the year given to us by a drama ministry.

Arguably, you guys a good dancers, however you still look up to some people that are more established and fulfilled in this line, which dance crew do you look up to?
Yes, we look up to Xpicit dance crew.

Of course there are so many kids dancing group just like you. What do you feel makes your own dance group stand out from others?
What makes us stand out is that we minister with passion.

Were you at any point discouraged, maybe by your parents, siblings, parents, or even pressure from studies?
Yes, especially the parents.

Where do you see yourselves and the group in five years?
We see ourselves in greater places in five years to come.

What other things are you guys skilled at apart from dancing?
We can act drama.

Any final words to other kids with potentials out there?
They should move closer to God and they should not give up on whatever things they are doing.

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