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Customers’ satisfaction – Hallmark of the CWAY brand

By Editor
22 March 2020   |   3:09 am
Water is an essential building block of life - more than just to quench thirst or protect health. Water is vital for creating jobs and supporting economic growth, social

world water day.Photo; UNWATER

Significance of the World Water Day
Water is an essential building block of life – more than just to quench thirst or protect health. Water is vital for creating jobs and supporting economic growth, social, and human development.

This day is an opportunity to learn more about water-related challenges and issues, be inspired to tell others and take action to make a difference. CWAY as a company will be focusing on the importance of drinking hygienic water and advocating the health benefits associated with it.

CWAY’s unique selling proposition (USP)
CWAY’s commitment is to adhere strict, highest and best production standards for manufacturing products that are Safe, Healthy, Affordable, Tasty and Trendy with exceptional Customer Service. Our core values are Integrity, Responsive, Team-Work, Dedication and Innovation, are also the driving forces for the success of our brands.

Sustaining the CWAY brand and retaining market share
The importance of being authentic and consistent cannot be underestimated. CWAY consistently delivers high-quality products and services and stay on top of trends. Our customers must be able to count on us to deliver the same outstanding products and services over time.

Whenever an issue arises, we address same immediately with individual consideration – “We Live and breathe customer service”. We understand their personas, what drives them and why they like our product in the first place.

With great systems in place (from ordering, production to delivery), CWAY maintains a consistent level of quality that offers a no-brainer level of value to our customers, as well as exceeding their expectations. While giving a level of quality, they count us and we earn their loyalty and advocacy.

Government’s role in ensuring industrial growth in Nigeria
Nigeria’s economic potential is constrained by many issues, including inadequate infrastructure, tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade, corruption, obstacles to investment, tackle unemployment, lack of confidence in currency valuation, restrictions to importation and limited foreign exchange capacity. Commodity prices, both oil and non-oil have been volatile. Global trends, like security, trade, politics, have also been unpredictable. Also, we have had to cope with disruptions in oil production, exports, and security challenges.

To end poverty, NFG must harness the demographic dividends through investment in health, education and livelihoods – especially for our young people. When countries’ age structures change favorably, meaning that they have more people of working age than dependents, they can see a boost to development, known as a demographic dividend, provided that they empower, educate and employ their young people.

Nigeria has a very large stock of human and natural resources that are not being used optimally. This gap can be closed through public works projects executed with direct labor. These projects would provide temporary employment for unskilled workers in government-funded projects, which would enable these workers to gain experience needed for permanent jobs. In addition, the targeted stimulus spending on productive and value-creating projects would spur growth, while also addressing inclusivity.

Notwithstanding its limitations, access to microfinance has been proven to reduce poverty around the world. While there are valid arguments for the use of grants and other social safety payouts to the less privileged, it is important to bring them into the financial system. This would help governments better plan and integrate services for the ‘poorest’ of the poor. 

Beyond this, block-chain ledgers have also been used in countries like India to create and link digital identities with payments. This has ensured transparency and has helped to plug corruption-related leakages in government disbursements to people living in poverty. Nigeria should emulate this.

CWAY’s teeming customers, prospective consumers
Our customer provides the basis for the entire business. Our company might provide a good or service, without “them” there is no “us.” The purchaser is as important as the product itself. It is a mutual relationship, but a humbling one in that they might depend on our service, but they do not depend on our brand. As a company, we want them to depend on our brand.

CWAY’s commitment is to adhere to strict, highest best production standards and professional service delivery. It is our desire to keep our customers satisfied with quality products and services.

It has been a great pleasure serving the Nation all through these years. We hope to continue this relationship in the forthcoming year with great reverence and respect.

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