Wednesday, 10th August 2022
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NCC licenses six new ISPs, increases industry operators to 163

By Adeyemi Adepetun
16 March 2021   |   3:03 am
The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has issued licences to six new firms to operate as Internet Service providers (ISPs) in the country.

Nigerian Communications Commission

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has issued licenses to six new firms to operate as Internet Service providers (ISPs) in the country.
Data from the NCC showed that the new ISPs were licensed between January and February this year. The licensing is targeted at boosting the dwindling fortunes of the sector, which has continued to plummet.

With the new licensees, the total number of licensed ISPs in the country has increased to 163. However, not all of them are actively providing services as the stiff competition in the industry has forced many out of business.
The newly-licensed firms include Triotec Limited; Iotech Global Hub Limited, Raglan Technologies Limited, BUD Infrastructure Limited, which are based in Lagos. Others are based in Abuja and they include Realife Telecommunication Limited and OTUB International Concept Ltd.
The ISPs play critical roles in providing last-mile connectivity to people across cities, rural communities, and underserved communities. They are key to achieving the country’s target of deepening broadband penetration.
A study by NCC showed that ISPs need to be encouraged to improve their general business processes practices, long-term growth, and sustainability to create new revenue streams, recreate existing products, diversify into new areas for which resources and capabilities are available, and establish a minimum market price.
According to the study, which noted that survival and growth are the two main objectives of any organisation in today’s competitive world, stressed that every organization must try to be different and accelerate from its competitors to achieve its goals and become market leaders.
MEANWHILE, to further boost Internet service in the region, Liquid telecom has renewed and expanded its Ku band capacity agreements on Eutelsat Communications’ Eutelsat 7B satellite.
Under this multi-year, multi transponder agreement, Liquid Telecom will further leverage the unparalleled coverage of Sub-Saharan Africa of the 7° East orbital position to extend its VSAT services. This will provide customers with fast and reliable internet access, even in the most remote corners of the region.

Commenting on the agreement, Chief Commercial Officer of Eutelsat, Philippe Oliva, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to take the partnership between Liquid Telecom and Eutelsat to the next level. By working together to further strengthen our ties, we can ensure that the combination of Eutelsat’s satellite coverage of Sub-Saharan Africa and Liquid Telecom’s unrivaled expertise in the VSAT market can deliver the highest possible service levels to Liquid’s customers throughout the continent”. 
CEO of Liquid Telecom Satellite Services, Scott Mumford, added: “We are delighted to renew and expand our agreements with Eutelsat, ensuring we can continue to rely on its support and coverage to deliver high-speed, reliable connectivity to existing and future customers, no matter where they are located.”