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Powerful influence of NLP on customer service, sales and marketing


Customer service is an indispensable part of an organisation; fact is that Customer Service is the backbone of an organisation. It can build or destroy an organisation; promote or demote a brand, attract or repel people to an organisation. Customer service has the power to render futile the hard work of the ‘Backline’ of an organisation and vice versa

A customer service representative (CSR) has been trained to be gentle, respectful and polite to customers regardless of if the customer is rude, offensive and ill-mannered but Customer Service goes beyond being polite, courteous, having an attractive voice and an appealing look. There could be instances where Customer Service Representatives are rude and ill-mannered and this could be as a result of
•Being intolerant with abusive conversations and bad-attitude from customers,
•personal problems
•Conflict of interest in the organisation
•or just being naturally bad-tempered

Amazingly, majority of the behaviour or attitude exhibited to customers or clients come from the behaviour of the mind. Therefore an attitude or behaviour a CSR exhibits to a customer isn’t just caused by the aforementioned problems but as a result of how the mind of the CSR functions and behaves.

The measure of every organization is dependent on their sales records. Regardless of whatever an organization does, it MUST sell and make profit to stay in business. The success of an organization’s sales force is therefore one of the basic metrics for organizational success.

Without being patronised by the final consumer and make profit, the purpose of selling, marketing or rendering services has been defeated. This is why organisations or business ventures have deemed it necessary to do whatever it takes to have an effective sales/marketing team as well as customer service team. This ranges from sponsoring them to attend various training courses to adding attractive incentives to their salary package.

For the CSR, Sales and Marketing team to learn, have a thorough knowledge, understanding and experience the powerful effects of the mind as well as how to maximise and take advantage of its abilities, the need to undergo NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training should be swiftly embraced.

The application of NLP in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing creates the ability for one to work with the behaviour and functions of the mind and not with emotions. One of the greatest things that can happen to an organisation in order to earn high sales revenue and create an influential Customer Service team is to apply NLP in the Sales/Marketing and Customer Service department.

NLP known as Neuro Linguistic Programming is a sensitive and tactical approach that has been proven to be effective in creating a good customer relationship, retaining customers, satisfying customers as well as improving the brand perception of an organisation.

In NLP, Neuro is about the neurological ways the brain functions, Language stands for how we understand and communicate to one another, and Programming refers to the behaviours of the mind. NLP enables you to easily detect the behavioural/representational system of any human and this makes it possible for you to communicate to them in a way that appeals to their mind, reasoning and senses which eventually results to winning clients over and retaining them to your organisation.

NLP studies the mind, its behaviour, functions and its powerful effects. Application of NLP enables one to become widely imaginative as well as create and develop unconventional methods to enhance customer-organisation/brand relationship, build sales as well as improve the overall brand image of an organisation.

The conscious mind controls 10% of our actions while the unconscious mind controls 90%; and this unconscious mind of ours, processes our feelings, decisions and emotions. In this regard, NLP enlightens you on how you can be able to communicate effectively to the conscious mind as well as the unconscious and lure your clients over.

Where can I undergo the NLP training for Customer Service?
The Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy is organising a one-day NLP, Communication and Relationship Masterclass for Customer Service, Sales and Marketing unit on the 23rd of September, 2017. This NLP intervention programme is beyond the traditional way of learning; this upcoming masterclass is designed to help Customer Service, Sales and Marketing personnel take a deep dive into the matrix of human behaviour to get clearer understanding on how to interact, relate with and influence people as well as communicate effectively, irrespective of the circumstance(s) faced.

Who should attend this NLP Training?
• Customer Care Representatives
• Personal Service Personnel
• Front-line sales personnel
• Sales/Marketing Personnel
• Entrepreneurs
• Sales/Marketing Executives
• Brand Influencers

Benefits of attending this Masterclass:
1. Improved competence and performance
2. Improved Communication skills
3. Know, understand and communicate effectively with customers irrespective of their personality types, and build deep rapport.
4. Gain customer’s or client’s trust and build effective relationship
5. Improvement in Quality Delivery
6. Increase in Botton-Line Profitability
7. Improvement in working relationships with clients
8. Improvement in individual and organizational Strength
9. Improvement in commitment to the Organization
10. Enables personnel add flexibility and effectiveness to their work and personal life
11. Understanding EQ and IQ
12. Finely tuned negotiation skills
13. Competency at building excellent rapport with clients and people in general
14. Better Influence
15. Customer Satisfaction and loyalty
16. Stakeholder Satisfaction – Profitability
17. Develop and maintain a high level of customer service in your business.
18. Improve customer service perception to the boost organisation’s image.

What previous participants are saying:
•Impactful! I have learnt how to master and control my actions and ultimately control the results of situations.”- Adiamoh hakeemat Olorunisola, Trustbond Mortgage Bank PLC

•”The training is highly educative and inspiring. It gave me an opportunity to understand the power of emotions and thoughts, effective communications and self esteem” – Nathen Ewache Williams, Uni_Medical care

•”Indeed it was an awesome experience with great and powerful lectures that applies not only in organisational structure but also in our daily lives and activities”- Okereafor Helen Chiamaka, Zippy logistics.
This exceptional Masterclass is set to hold on the 23rd of September, 2017 at the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy. For enquiries and reservations, kindly contact or call – 08077077000.

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