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Stakeholders urge government to promote risk management culture

By Bankole Orimisan
10 October 2016   |   1:13 am
Doyens in all fields of the economy, especially in the insurance sector, have canvassed the need to ascertained risk management in all human activities.  
Jacob Adeosun

Jacob Adeosun

Doyens in all fields of the economy, especially in the insurance sector, have canvassed the need to ascertained risk management in all human activities.
According to the professionals, who gathered, in Lagos at the public presentation of a book entitled: Risk Management and Other Professionals, authored by the President, Risk Managers Society of Nigeria (RIMSON), Jacob Adeosun, risk management should be embedded in every sphere of human endeavours.

The experts urged the government to promote risk management culture in the society and ensure that professional risk managers are engaged to help mitigate risks, to save lives and properties.

According to the author of the book, risk management should be in the front burner, especially now that the nation is in recession, noting that comfort zone has become difficult, dollar boom disappeared and national wealth wrinkled, stressing that the time to secure the future is now.

Adeosun added that the book is expected to break a new frontier of knowledge in risk management amongst professionals, managers and officers in government, including those in commerce and industry.   Executive Vice-Chairman, IBN Limited, Prosper Okpue, the chairman of the event, applauded the author for contributing greatly to risk management and training of risk surveyors.

He noted that risk is inherent in all human activities, hence must be management properly to forestall financial and economic wastes   Ace Broadcaster, Traffic Radio, Lagos, Victor Oteri, who was one of the book reviewers, noted that the book provides solution to risks challenges in the society, whilst calling on the government to focus more on risk management.   He maintained that risk management should be everybody’s business, as risk does not respect persons.

He added that the book would really help open the mind of people to effective risk management.   He urged companies to procure the book, stressing that no board will be complete without the book.

According to him, risk management requires special skill, hence the book has helped put people on the right highway of knowledge. He said the book is enriched to ensure that risk management becomes part of human daily activity.   Managing Director, FBNInsurance Limited, Val Ojumah, one of the reviewers of the book, said the book was well articulated as it covered all the daily activities of man. “The simplicity of the book is capturing in every page. The author put in the book what we do every day,” he said.

According to him, risk management is not for only professionals, but for everybody, noting that it is practiced by all knowingly and unknowingly, and called for the translation of the book into local Nigerian languages.   The representative of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Oluwasegun Oshidipe, said the book is a literature specially packaged for mankind, adding that the author underscored the need to guard against corporate failure.