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Terminoxx will change the face of internet banking in the country, says Awosanya



Tayo Awosanya is the Managing Director of Zercom Systems, a software technology firm that provides IT solutions to corporate institutions. Prior to becoming CEO of Zercom Systems, he worked at BAE Systems as an IT Q/A Manager in Washington DC, on the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) Federal Government contract, where he was able to increase the compliance rating of the agency above 90 per cent within six months.

Tayo has led the way in changing the learning technology landscape in Nigeria with the Tangerine Mobile App; a mobile learning app and productivity tool that provides knowledge sharing and sales-critical information on the go. In this interview with TOBI AWODIPE, he talks about Terminoxx, an ATM lifestyle and Monitoring App that intends to redefine how ATMs are used in the country.


What exactly is Terminoxx and what does it do?

Terminoxx is a Mobile ATM Lifestyle & Monitoring App that provides real-time ATM operational status and location direction for Bank customers.

A customer simply taps on the ATM closest to his/her location, gets the direction and current working status of the ATM.

A customer will be able to see if the ATM is On, Dispensing cash, or “Out-of-Service” before they decide to go to the ATM.

What do you mean by ATM Lifestyle?

We say ATM lifestyle because while majority still engage in traditional banking practices, a large and increasing percentage of banking customers depend on the Automated Teller Machines as their primary banking channel.


We have also noticed that the machines are not just used solely to withdraw cash anymore.

Customers are able to perform a variation of financial transactions on the ATMs just as if they were in the Banking hall.

In the first three quarters of 2016, N3.5 trillion worth of financial transactions took place across the country via ATMs; thus, this has become a lifestyle for most as a new relationship has been formed between the customer, their ATM cards, and the Machines.

Terminoxx has been created to serve as a virtual assistant while customers perform these ATM transactions; before, during and after the transaction.

If you say lifestyle, does the application cater to non-financial institutions as well?

Yes, it actually serves as a customer’s personal guide.

In 2017, it was reported that customers purchased N1.7 billion worth of airtime through the ATMs of a particular commercial bank.

Terminoxx has a geolocation service that helps customers to locate establishments where their ATM cards will be accepted to carry out such transactions.

This feature automatically identifies a change in customer’s location, like when a customer travels from Lagos to Abuja, the App prompts you by welcoming you to Abuja and then offers different types of services available in the customer’s new location.


It’s a special feature called “Loyalty connect”, where banking customers are allowed to search and locate all Restaurants, Hotels, and Car Hire services within the customers’ new geographical area, especially those in promotional partnership with the Bank.

It also specifies what type of discounts/points customers will get when they use their bankcards in those establishments. Reservations and appointments with those establishments can be made through the App.

Seems the App gives a lot of information to the customer, but does it solve any problems?

Yes, it helps customers to resolve issues on the ATMs. Occasionally, customers visit ATMs and get debited without receiving the money they intended to withdraw.

When this happens, customers are required to visit the branch to make a complaint, resolution of which usually takes about a week, if not auto-reversed.


Customers have been asking for a better and quicker way to resolve these types of problems.

Terminoxx allows customers to report failed ATM transactions immediately it occurs through the App without stepping into a banking hall.

A digital error form on the App is completed by the customer, with details of the withdrawal error, i.e. location, time, amount involved, ATM error message etc. and that is sent directly to the ATM unit of the Bank including the customer’s account officer.

They receive the electronic complaint and start working on a refund process immediately. The customer is also notified by his/her account officer on the progress of the refund.

How have the banks responded to this app?

Giving customers value for their money is always a good thing.

The banks are excited at the idea that this app caters to their customers while aiding the effectiveness of banking operations as regards ATM’s.


Because Terminoxx is also a mobile monitoring application with a comprehensive administrative and monitoring module for the bank’s entire ATM network, the ATM monitoring unit of the bank is now constantly aware of the “status” of the ATM network right from their mobile devices.

This aids in ensuring that ATMs are up and running at all times, downtimes are monitored and the speed in response time and service maintenance is increased.

It also helps the bank gather information about customer interaction, attitude, social behaviour and spending patterns through its predictive analytic capability.

You mentioned predictive analytics capability earlier, what is that?

Terminoxx has a predictive analytic capability very similar to the messages Google sends to our phones nowadays.

Through historical data, it is able to anticipate a customer’s next line of action.

An example is the downtime alert notification, when a particular ATM is temporarily down or out-of-service, customers who frequently use this ATM are automatically notified through the app that their frequently used ATM is currently down or out of service.


It saves the customer from visiting an ATM that is non-operational.

However, the app also suggests other ATMs nearby that are in working cond–ition.

In addition, the app also has asset expiry notification; the app automatically sends customized messages for important dates and deadlines to the customer about his/her ATM card’s expiry date.

Expiry dates on international passports, driver’s license, medical insurance premiums etc., are also included.

The message contains address and directions to the nearest bank branch or service location where a new card or asset can be collected on or before the expiry date.

Has this app been launched already?

Yes and it is being used by a couple of banks already, but still not available to the general public, except banking customers only.


For the banks that have Terminoxx, the customer feedbacks have been very positive, and the banks themselves can’t do without it due to its sophisticated monitoring and reporting back-end, which is also mobile.

We hope to partner with more banks in the immediate future so that the general public can enjoy it.

Our goal is to have about 10, 000 ATMs on the Terminoxx database within the next 12 months.

Unfortunately, the App is not available for download as a stand-alone app yet and only customers whose banks have Terminoxx are able to enjoy these benefits because individual banks own the ATMs.

However, we are currently exploring the possibilities that will allow customers of non-participating banks enjoy some of these services as well.

Why do you think banks should invest in this app?

It not only caters to their customers and improves their brand; it also improves their ATM business.

Terminoxx has an administrative and monitoring module with a graphical representation of the bank’s entire ATM network.


With a single tap, a summarised view shows upper management the performance, in percentage ratios, of the bank’s ATM Network; at state, region or nationwide levels.

There is a service request button that allows ATM managers view the number of ATMs in their region; the uptime, downtime, and specific issues with the non-working terminals are displayed on their phones.

Managers will be able to make a service request with a single tap of this button, and a notification is sent to the custodian of that ATM.

Would customers be charged for its use?

No. Terminoxx sits in the Internet banking application of the bank, thus it is free to use; just like the bank’s app.

We built Termionoxx with the goal of helping the bank be more efficient, and most of all, solving problems encountered by customers while using ATMs.


Our dream is for Terminoxx to contribute to the nation’s overall goal of becoming a truly cashless economy, and to be known as the app that helps people in their everyday lives.

Are there not other apps in the market presently, doing the same thing?

Considering all the services and features it avails customers, and what it allows the banks do, you can say it is a first of its kind.

There are one or two other apps for managing and reporting ATM performance, but nothing specific to handle the kind of issues we face in this climate or simply geared towards helping customers.

These types of problems don’t exist overseas; thus, foreign companies do not provide solutions to problems that are not synonymous to their environment.

The significant difference is that a team that understands the challenges built Terminoxx; and our main objective is solving those issues customers encounter in Nigeria on a daily basis.

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