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‘We create wealth for all individuals’


Olusegun Israel Adegboye

Olusegun Israel Adegboye

Mr. Olusegun Israel Adegboye is the country manager for Forever Living Products in Nigeria. In this interview with SUNDAY AIKULOLA, he shares the objectives of the company and the heart health campaign the company held recently. Excerpts:

Can you tell us what Forever Living is all about?
We are into wellness and wealth creation, through our unique business model, we create wealth for all individuals who choose to partner with us and sign up as independent distributors. The wealth creation aspect is based on a multi- level marketing system whereby you recommend somebody to use our product and based on that recommendation, if the person buys again, not only will you get a retail profit, the company also pays you bonus which means the more people you recommend, the more your bonus will be.

Kindly mention some of your products
We have the Aloe Vera based products like Forever Gel, Forever Nectar, Forever Freedom, and Bee Products. We have had good responses from our users and I think this is as a result of the efficacy of our products that has brought us this success. The key thing is that if your products work very well, you will always have customers, and that is the reason why people love joining Forever. Our products are supplements, they supplements all the food and chemicals that the body needs to work effectively. We promote health is wealth.

One of your products won the Nobel Prize, can you shed more light on this?
The product is called Argi plus, it is a breakthrough technology. What it does is that it expands your vein and arteries, and with the expansion, more blood can flow through your system and that aids restorative and regenerative qualities. It helps the oxygen circulation in blood systems; it also aids digestion of food. In this part of the world, our diet is not that effective. What Argi plus does is that it opens up anywhere there is a blockage in the vein so that oxygen can flow.

Recently, you did a health campaign called ‘Save the Heart in Lagos’, what is the reason for this?
The programme was organized by some independent Business owners with Forever living the programme to enlighten the masses on how to take proper care of their heart. You will discover the recession has made lots of people to fall sick, and most people don’t eat three meals daily again.
Many people cannot feed their family members again and some families go for cheaper food which has high cholesterol or sometimes they take food with high chemicals. And all these have consequences. Nigerians have to secure themselves, they need proper dietary system that will help purify the body.

The doctors have frightening statistics on people that have prostate cancer, cardiovascular issue, digestion issue, reproductive issue, erectile dysfunction, and this is due to the stress Nigerians go through. And we believe that by making people healthy and creating wealth, Nigerians will live a better life.

Do you think government is doing enough in the area of healthcare?
I think the government is trying their best, and quite a lot of investment is going on in that sector. In a country of about 180 million people, it is a challenging task. I believe creating awareness is necessary. For instance, we have Forever Clean Campaign where we create awareness on promoting hygiene habit. When people have consciousness of a clean environment, it will reduce the number of people that will fall sick, and this will make government attend to those that need medical attention.

Can you explain what network marketing is all about?
Network marketing is a blessing for any country, unfortunately, because network or multi-level marketing has a different business model, many people who understood it didn’t benefit from it and many who understood it but are aware of some peoples ignorance, took advantage of them to either defraud or use them for their own benefits and this created wrong impression of network marketing.

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Olusegun Israel Adegboye
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    Forever living Products remains one of the best supplement i have ever used. They have quality products that have stood the test of time.