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Adebanjo accuses FG of punishing Nigerians for own inefficiency


Elder statesman, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has kicked against the closure of the nation’s land borders, saying the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration was punishing the citizens for its inefficiency.

Adebanjo made the remark yesterday at the launch of three poetry collections written by Wisdom Oteri Dafinone in Lagos.

He said, “They don’t understand the problem, not to talk of solving it. You must understand a theory before you apply it. That (border closure) is not the way to solve the economic problem and that is what we have been telling them. But they have their own ulterior motive.


“They are punishing the nation for their own inefficiency. We are suffering in the country for bad government. The country is rich; we have no basis to be poor, no reason for unemployment, but we have bad managers, who don’t even appreciate that they are bad. And they want to impose their inadequacy on the people of the country.”

Adebanjo the recent governornorship elections in Kogi and Bayelsa states as a charade.

He said: “Do we have an election? That was mass killing, not an election. That was an organised killing of people that are opposed to you. How can you say you have security in a place, where you told the whole world you have imported thousands of soldiers and police, and the very thing that they were supposed to stop was done in daylight and no arrest was made”.

“There was an eyewitness who said he saw no police vans in any checkpoint and he saw these thugs with AK-47 around, nobody to arrest them. Who are they deceiving? They just want to take power by all means. They want to rule this country by force. That is why they are opposing changes being clamoured. Until you change this constitution and remove the almighty power with Buhari, we won’t go anywhere. You conduct 20 times elections in this country without this constitution being changed for everybody to have autonomous regions; you are wasting your time.”


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