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APC, PDP Chieftains Differ On Buhari’s Foreign Trips


AS expected under Nigeria’s democracy, two members of two different political parties, All Progressives Congress (APC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara State viewed differently the implications of the recent frequent trips abroad of President Muhammadu Buhari, despite some pressing challenges facing the nation.

Alhaji Kayode Yusuf, a chieftain of the APC and Chief Kola Olawoy, the Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Kwara during different chats with The Guardian in Ilorin were at variance over Buhari’s penchant for overseas trips despite surrounding himself with capable aides he could have delegated some of the functions.

Yusuf queried why people should make a fuss over the President’s foreign trips. He said: “Is there any clause in Nigerian Constitution that states the number times a sitting President should travel abroad for official duties? Don’t forget that he was primarily elected by majority Nigerians to work for the advancement of Nigeria as a nation. Why then should his official functions abroad be an issue for discussion?

“Besides, why his predecessor (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) sat back in Nigeria fighting insurgents operating under the name Boko Haram, Buhari on the assumption of office, commenced a relationship with the neighbouring countries sensitising them to the need to raise a multiple armies to fight the terror group. We are already seeing the results of such a laudable step.”

He added that no nation could afford to live in isolation of others under the modern socio-political and economic clime, noting that the romance with other nations would soonest begin to yield positive results to Nigerians.

“If these trips are for personal sightseeing or tourism using taxpayers money, then we could frown at the habits but for as long as they are official in nature, we should applaud him for dutifully discharging his constitutional roles.

“Have you forgotten the claims of some people during Buhari’s electioneering campaigns that the APC candidate as he was then called, was not medically fit and that he would not be able to discharge his duties as expected of him? He is proving them wrong now and some people are complaining again,” Yusuff who is also the Chairman Local Government Service Commission in Kwara noted.

In his views, Olawoye proverbially said only “a bad leader” would leave his house on fire for another country without first making adequate arrangements to put out the fire.

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  • Damilola

    You people better leave this man to go on his final tour now. He became the president this time to enjoy himself and the goodies of presidency, so you want him to seat back home while he has nothing to do and miss the tourist view of the WORLD? No way. Our president can’t delegate any of those trips, he’s living his last days, so let him enjoy himself. Infact anyone that says our president shud not go on world tour like P square, is an enemy of process. This is the Change we want. Continue Baba Daura… just give us free and fair election come 2019 dts all I ask for.

  • New Nigerian

    These people trivializes important work. Many people like to say Nigeria is the giant of Africa and yet want Nigerian President to behave as it is the ant of Africa. That said, the best brand Nigeria has going for it right now is anchored on the personal integrity of President Buhari – this is being leveraged to rebuild alliances that have been left to decay due to rudderless drifting under Jonathan, so these trips are necessary and to the extent that the President is able to carry them out – the Nigerian people are grateful. The trips becomes almost mandatory due to the fact that stolen commonwealth a stashed away outside the shores of Nigeria and their recovery can only be done through strengthening alliances. Another reason is economic, the world is a global village and Nigeria should play in the world marketplace – who better to lead that than the President himself. Nigeria has something to offer the world in these troubling times – wisdom and experience in combating the menace of our time – terrorism and injustice. There are more reasons that space would not permit to elucidate on. I pray God keep President Buhari healthy, preserve his life and chance Nigeria, Africa andthe world to benefit from the service of this living legend of our time