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Boris Johnson and Brits’ state of quandary


I have never been a fan of Boris Johnson because of his misplaced Brexit brouhaha, and his clownishness on UK’s state matters. But Boris Johnson’s confusing leadership after his near morbid ordeal with the menace of Coronavirus-COVID-19 makes one pensive of some conditionalities he outlined recently in his national and international broadcast.

The funny PM has given false hope and aspirations to the hopeless and helpless people of Britain. From between “Stay-at-home” to “Stay-alert” as espoused by the prime minister is shrouded in political mystery.

While the United Kingdom is recording the astronomical number of cases of COVID-19 every day, and much death than other countries in Europe, the current British Prime Minister wanton is a state of confusion, contradiction, and denial. Just like the British’s contemporary -the United States- you asked for it. Deal with it until it lasted.


Meanwhile, the Britons are more confused than before, and between “Stay-at-home” and “Stay alert” now! Politics sucks! I wonder seriously if this writer can successfully be a politician in a fraudulent clime! To be a successful politician in this age of embellishment of distorted information, you must be ready to manipulate information to wow or woo the unsuspecting voters or public. I doubt that responsible minds can do it too.

The leadership solution resides in the hands of the followership. But egregious leadership shall continue to be the offshoot of unserious and confused followership. The global world is actually in a political quandary. The world is on the downward spiral of poor and untrustworthy leadership. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic will definitely change the ways of life, and the world may experience unprecedented new normal. Until then, arms akimbo!

Yahaya Balogun, wrote from Arizona, USA.


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