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Bringing the world to Africa and vice versa

By Paula Eseghene
30 March 2018   |   3:47 am
BHS International Ltd, the concessionaires of Tafawa Balewa Square, where the Lagos Chamber of Commerce trade fair is organized, has put together an E-fair with the aim of taking Nigeria to the world with an open market.

Tafawa Balewa Square

BHS International Ltd, the concessionaires of Tafawa Balewa Square, where the Lagos Chamber of Commerce trade fair is organized, has put together an E-fair with the aim of taking Nigeria to the world with an open market.

The e-fair is taking business from land to air, that is online. It is an online trade fair that brings the great values, products and technologies that have been created from both inside and out via internal research and development of departments of an organization and then diffusing and positioning them in the market, this time on e-fair. That is, instead of carrying every of your product  to the market to sell you can also upload into the e-fair and sell, reducing cost, risk, money and time.

The e-fair covers four major value divisions that takes Africa’s innovations, solutions, trade and opportunities to the world and brings the world innovations, solutions, trade and opportunities to Africa.

The e-fair which has four major types are:
(1) E-Fair Expo- This is a platform for raising your company’s profit and awareness, as well as exhibiting your research, innovations, products and business opportunities on all market space; free entry but paid participation.

(2) E-Fair Connect- It is a platform to connect individuals and corporations with problems/challenges to meet those who have breakthrough innovations, solutions and opportunities (ISO) – free entry and free listing. E-fair is not only concerned about money, but to make Africa a place for the world to come to, and also taking Africa to the world.

(3) E-Fair Trade- These provide opportunities for sourcing innovators, manufacturers and suppliers and their products for all customers and buyers of any quantity, quality and price anywhere, anytime. It has both retail and bulking sourcing space.

E-Fair Special Support Features and Values. E-Fair Deal Assurance: It is an E-fair security support that makes it easy for business to transact and trade with trust on credibility and confidence of protection and performance. E-fair deal assurance monitors and projects your transaction from due diligence, order through payments to delivery.

Integrated Interactions, connections and opportunities. (Multiple features for charting).
The benefits being introduced or brought on board are numerous.Economically, socially, academically and commercially, it is creating an opportunity of translating what is hitherto obtainable only on land or terrestrial into the air or outer space, taking full advantage of technology and utilizing the internet to the fullest via the different social media platforms.

Economically, it is where an exhibitionist is able to showcase his products to the whole world without having to hire an exhibition ground, coupled with visitors’ ability to conveniently participate in the fair. The overall result of this is more money to the pockets of the exhibitionist and satisfaction to the participant/purchaser. Ease of reaching out to larger audience is enhanced.

Academically, it is where a student project which is hitherto allowed to gather dust in the library receives its liberation through e-fair platform and the result is more research work and more money.Socially, the trade interactions worldwide will invoke economic activities and welfare concerns for Nigerians and Africans in general.

The effect of this on BHS tenants could be garnered from above and the over 360 tenants automatically come on board while leveraging on the over two million visitors to the yearly trade fair that takes place at the TBS every year.

E-fair values impact individuals, organizations and nations, globally to Nigeria and Africa. It supports the vision and mission of making TBS a global trade and tourism attraction similar or even surpassing Sand Tan City Centre in South Africa, and the Trade Centre in Dubai.

E-fair will promote the economic viability of TBS which in turn has a multiple beneficial impact on staff and businesses engaged in its environment.Nigerian and African academic researchers, inventors and problem solvers will be inspired and motivated to become more committed to creativity and innovations, replacing the present consumption consciousness that is making the country and continent a dumping ground for others.

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