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CBD capsules Vs. CBD edibles

By Guardian Nigeria
01 September 2022   |   9:56 pm
If you have plans of starting a CBD course, you have a number of options to choose from that leaves you a bit confused as you are a new CBD user.


If you have plans of starting a CBD course, you have a number of options to choose from that leaves you a bit confused as you are a new CBD user. CBD capsules and CBD edibles are two CBD options that are similar in ways of intake but differ in term of their ingredients.
In this session, we are making a comparison of CBD edibles and CBD capsules.

Product Types
When we compare the CBD product types of CBD edible and CBD capsules, we find that there are a lot of sub products in the category of CBD edibles. Some common CBD edibles are:

  • Gummies
  • chocolates
  • Baked treats
  • candies

On the other hand, CBD capsules do not have sub products except for its spectrum options.

Method Of Intake

CBD capsules as well as CBD edibles are ingestible CBD products that are taken orally. While the CBD edibles are chewed and swallowed like normal delicacies, CBD capsules are swallowed with water just like you take any normal pill.
As the capsules do not need to be chewed unlike the edibles, the taste of the capsules does not matter as much as that of CBD edibles.

Time Taken For Effects
CBD capsules has minimal number of ingredients and after the gel cap dissolves in the stomach, the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream as there aren’t any more ingredients that needs to be digested.

CBD edibles, on the other hand, have to be digested in the stomach after which CBD reaches the bloodstream and start generating the effects in the body. The CBD in edibles kicks in only after the edibles are digested, indicating the CBD edibles take more time to produce the effects when compared to CBD capsules.

Duration Of Effects
The rate of absorption of CBD when you take CBD edibles is influenced by the amount of food that is already in your stomach. Needless to mention, personal body metabolism of the user too influences the absorption of CBD. The effects produced by taking CBD edibles lasts about 4 to 6 hours.

The duration of the effects of CBD when you take CBD capsules is similar to that of CBD edibles, meaning that the effects produced by CBD capsules last about 4 to 6 hours.

If the discreetness of CBD option is considered, both CBD capsules and CBD edibles have appreciable discreetness. CBD capsules resemble common pills that you are quite familiar with, while CBD edibles are no different from normal edibles.

CBD capsules offer consistent dosing as each capsule contains exact dosing of CBD with the capsule bottle clearly mentioning the amount of CBD contained in each capsule. CBD edibles like CBD gummies will include a specific amount of CBD.

Whatever be the CBD product that you choose, it is advisable to start with low doses and increase the dosage gradually.

Spectrum Options

Three spectrum options in CBD are full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate. Full spectrum CBD contains all the essential phytochemicals in hemp plant including active cannabinoids like CBD, THC, terpenes, as well as other cannabinoids. The THC content is maintained below 0.3%. Broad spectrum CBD contains all the phytochemicals in full spectrum CBD except THC making it a suitable option for people who have to take regular drug tests. CBD isolate is the purest CBD product as it has no other plant compound except CBD.

Health Benefits
Some of the health disorders that are better managed by CBD edibles include:

Crohn’s Disease And Other Digestive Disorders

Edibles make their way further through the digestive system when compared to CBD capsules and take care while you take edibles that are high in sugar or spice content as they can irritate the lining of the digestive tract.

Conditions In Children

If you are planning to give CBD to treat the health disorders in your children, you may go with the option of CD edibles as it is tasty option that kids will love. As the edibles are less intimidating than capsules, it is far easier to administer them to your children.

Some of the health conditions that are better managed by CBD capsules include:

Anxiety Disorders
If you are a nervous eater or have digestive issues associated with anxiety CBD edibles do not seem to be the right option. Instead, you may take CBD capsules as they can handle the condition so well.

If you are taking CBD to manage obesity, it is not advisable to take CD edibles as most edibles have high calorie contents. CD capsules seem to the better option than CBD edibles.

Compare all necessary properties of CBD options before you start the use of one so that you get the best CBD experience.
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