Monday, 28th November 2022
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Chinese national admits stabbing late girlfriend out of provocation

By Murtala Adewale, Kano
19 November 2022   |   3:59 am
Startling revelations emerged, yesterday, of how Ummukulsum Sani, a Kano lady allegedly stabbed to death by her Chinese boyfriend, Geng Quangrong, as police unveiled the conventional statement of the alleged murder.

Geng Quangrong

Startling revelations emerged, yesterday, of how Ummukulsum Sani, a Kano lady allegedly stabbed to death by her Chinese boyfriend, Geng Quangrong, as police unveiled the conventional statement of the alleged murder.

The Chinese national is slammed with one count charge of culpable homicide by Kano State government for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend to death at her Janbulo Quarters in Kabuga area of Kano metropolis.

At the resumption of hearing by witnesses before Justice Sanusi Ado Ma’aji, of the state High Court, Mr. Quangrong confessed to have inflicted deep cut on Ummukulsum’s shoulder after he was provoked.

Meanwhile, Justice Ma’aji had adjourned the matter to of December 19, 20 and 21, 2022 for the continuation of hearing and defense.

In a confessional statement to the police, Quangrong, who denied any calculated intention to kill Ummukulsum, confessed that he was forced to respond in retaliation of physical assault from the late Ummukulsum and her family members, who descended on him.

In a statement read by Inspector Ijuptil Mbambu, a detective of the state Criminal Investigation Department (CID) before the court, Quangrong narrated how he spent a fortune on a marriage that never materialised.

Quangrong disclosed how he deposited N80m into Ummukulsum’s account for her to establish a business, build house and other necessities.

Chinese national said Ummukulsum eloped with another man in March 2022 to Abuja, after the promise of marriage crumbled. Ummukulsum had returned to Kano, luring Quangrong back into the relationship, two month later after her new relationship with the Abuja husband could not survive more than two months.

“I was left in the rain for several hours to see Ummukulsum that night, while knocking on the door. The family refused to open the door. At a point, one of Ummukulsum’s siblings came to open the door, but denied him entrance, only to collect a dog he brought.

“I was later allowed to enter the room where Ummukulsum was sitting to discuss issues with her. The moment I entered the room, I was confronted by the entire family. They assaulted me and inflicted wounds and bruises on my neck and hands. It was then, I brought out my personal knife to stab Ummukulsum twice on her shoulder.

“Before then, I deposited N60m into Ummukulsum’s account for investment, N8m for her education at Sokoto, N4m to buy house and another N18m for business. But when I visited Ummukulsum, I realised there was no business and no car,” Quangrong confessional statement reads.

The late Ummukulsum’s younger sister, Asiya Sani, who also testified before the court narrated how the Chinese national was said to have stabbed Ummukulsum to death.

“As my Sister entered a room making calls, the Chinese Man followed her locked the Sitting Room and the inner room, and at that time we went to inner room window peeping and I saw Mr Geng holding a knife and on top of my Sister who was on a bed stabbing her with it”.

Asiya added that, “ At the time with terrible fear I quickly rush out and started calling for help alongside my siblings and our mother who was already outside the House looking for help. When Mr Geng realized the implication of what he did, he also came out of the room through the window, abandoned the lifeless body of my sister.

“At that point, our neighbours had rushed in and arrested him where they handed over him to the Police and myself and two others took my Sister to the hospital but looking at her She was not moving. It was at the hospital the doctor told us”. Asiya narrated.