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Church seeks united front against domestic violence, sexual abuse

By Eniola Daniel
30 May 2022   |   3:38 am
To curb rising cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse in the country, Living Impact Christian Centre (LICC), Ilupeju, Lagos, has advocated a united front against the menace, as a lasting solution.

To curb rising cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse in the country, Living Impact Christian Centre (LICC), Ilupeju, Lagos, has advocated a united front against the menace, as a lasting solution.
The church made this call during a campaign aimed at sensitising the public on the warning signs of sexual abuse and its effects on society.
Speaking on the campaign, the Convener, Wale Olasoji, lamented that good moral is at its lowest ebb in the society.
Describing sexual assault as an existential threat to the mind of the people, he said the campaign would help to encourage victims of sexual assault to speak out when faced with such situations.

He said: “We have seen an increase in the number of domestic violence in recent times. It’s our belief, as a body of Christ, that we have people under our care that we must lend our voices to in conversation to give the perspective of Christ.”
Calling for a common voice against the menace, Olasoji, who is also the Senior Pastor of the Church, said, “When all of us come together against this, people will know that such behaviour does not align with the morally acceptable standard of the society.”
On the role of religious bodies, he said, “The role of religious bodies is very unique in lending their voices and standing against social vices. Religious bodies have the unusual privilege of having people listen to them because they are seen as the voice of God on earth. So, we can wield the level of influence to ensure that people listen to what we say.

“Churches, mosques and others must talk more about this. We must make the people under our care know the unacceptable behaviour, that no matter the provocation, it is never enough to be violent against anybody. It is not right to be a paedophile, to be involved in sexual abuse; we believe with time, our people would change their minds on these.

“All that some people need is to see their leaders stand against any form of violence and they will identify with it.”

Also, parenting educator and lawyer, Taiwo Akinlabi, who delivered a lecture on domestic violence in the church, warned the unmarried to watch out for the signs while dating their partners.  
“People must quickly look for help when their spouse becomes abusive. For the children, we must be careful about the person we keep our children with. We must not keep our children with strangers. Parents must build a relationship with their children and educate them on speaking out,” he said.
Speaking on the role of the family in ending the menace, Pastor Bose Inwezerua, said it was important to maintain a campaign against sexual and domestic violence.
“Family has an important role to protect the children in keeping them away from predators; the children are innocent and vulnerable. For those facing domestic violence, it is advisable to leave at the first instance.

“Submission in marriage is not to the point of death; the Bible is very clear on submission. And we are here to preach it and tell the community of the danger in it,” she added.