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Citizens welcome 2020 with new hope


Welcoming 2020 with fireworks

The New Year has been welcomed across the world. The party atmosphere swept across major cities in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas as the clock ticked past midnight. Many of the activities were signaled by fireworks, concerts, and spiritual ceremonies to mark the transition to 2020, the beginning of a new decade, which incidentally is a Leap Year.

In Lagos and across the rest of the country, it was a parade of cross-over service. Many trooped to religious centres to seek spiritual direction and prophecies for the new year. Others also rendezvoused at some fun-spots and concert venues. For fun-seekers, the Eko Atlantic City was the place to be for the Greater Lagos 2020 Extravaganza

With the festivities over, all focus now shifts to beginning the year on a clean slate with new year resolutions now the next on the agenda after days of year-end celebrations. Some Lagosians have however expressed different views on the New Year resolutions, with some saying that people should not wait for such a time before reinventing themselves. Mr. Rufai Mike, a pastor, said New Year resolution is now a cliché rather than what people actually follow through. According to him, this is so because most people forget to ask God for strength and guidance.

“For there to be growth and improvement, there should be a resolution made by the individual, although one shouldn’t wait until a new year to make that. In order to achieve the resolution made, we need to put God first and ask for His assistance to overcome every obstacle that hinders our dreams,” he said.

Mr. Andre Emmanuel, a lawyer, said he does not make New Year resolutions. “I do not have any New Year resolution, I never do. I believe that you do not need a specific time or period frame to reinvent yourself, although I have already made some decisions I intend to stick by concerning work, savings, trips and setting clear cut goals.”

For Miss Modinat Mosaku, it is a great opportunity to witness another 365 days and her resolution for the new year is to bring out the best in herself. “I look up to have my own boutique, travel to different countries for trade, and mingle with nice people, mostly patronisers,” she said.

Miss Deborah Eleazu, a student, does not believe in New Year resolution, as she doesn’t keep to it. “I don’t have a New Year resolution or will say I have not thought about it. I believe it to be a waste of time. I only go to church every New Year’s eve to ask God to bless and keep my family and friends safe, but I don’t make new year resolutions,” she said.

Meanwhile, the pastor of Okota branch of Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Pastor Christopher Ejibenam, urged Nigerians to plan for a successful year as those who fail to plan, plan to fail. He also urged worshippers to forge ahead with their plans in spite of the economic situations in the country, which should not deter them from achieving ther goals.

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