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Cleric warns Nigerians against laziness


The pastor made the remark on Tuesday night at the church head quarters; plot 5-7, Gbagada-Oshodi Expressway, Lagos.

The senior of Pastor Harvesters International Christian Centre, Bolaji Idowu has attributed Nigeria and other African countries slow pace and underdevelopment to slothfulness, the inability to see beyond present condition and mediocrity. The pastor made the remark on Tuesday night at the church head quarters; plot 5-7, Gbagada-Oshodi Expressway, Lagos.

Reading from a bible passage, proverb 12:27, he said “a lazy man would have something but he cannot process it; one of the destructive habits in Nigeria is the lack of excellence and love for mediocrity. At least Nigeria is getting crude oil, but we can’t stop there; the largest impact on our dollar rate is the importation of fuel, which is the largest driver of forex in the country, meanwhile, we are oil producing nation but not processing, the reason why it’s so is that a slothful man cannot roast what he gets in hunting so, you have an idea but you cannot process it.


There are a lot of mediocrities, it seems we are just willing to do as little as possible to succeed, we cannot succeed that way: if we are going to succeed, we have to be exceptional and take everything to another level.

Why encouraging the members to go all out in breaking barriers, he added “Be exceptional in your behaviour, in your business dealings, family life, dressing and in all sphere of life; I know people that got promoted because of how they dress, when you dress well either you are an idiot or not they don’t know yet, they just like you for your appearance until you display what you have in you, the same thing when you can speak very well.

He added “some do not really value the power of having the ability to communicate very well and properly, some even said ‘I am an engineer and my work is on the field not speaking good English, not having it in mind that when people who knows the job and can also speak very well comes in, they may be out of the way.

Nigeria just flare millions of dollars worth of gases into the air not minding the amount it could generate if it put into consideration the worth of wastages; as hunting is physical same way drilling crude oil is, we need mental work to get it processed. We drill our oil and ship it and earn little just like other African countries with enormous natural endowment but with no skill to get them processed, we don’t want to spend to set up but comfortable in mediocrity.

He advised Nigerians, especially the youths, to shun mediocrity and embrace hardwork in order to build a great nation, as future leaders.

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