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Court grants order to arrest, sack Amaechi, Onu


Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

Justice Ahmed Mohammed of the Federal High Court, Abuja Division has granted an order of mandamus seeking the arrest and immediate sack of Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and his Science and Technology counterpart, Ogbonnaya Onu, over recent allegations levelled against them by two justices of the Supreme Court.

The applicant, Human Rights Foundation International, sought the order in its substantive suit where it prayed the court to compel the Department of State Services (DSS) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to “perform their statutory obligations” by immediately arresting and prosecuting the two ministers.

The group also sought an order of mandamus compelling President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately sack both ministers “in the interest of the public and morality” based on allegations of attempts to influence court decisions as claimed by the two jurists.

A copy of the enrolled order made on December 1 specifically called for the disengagement of the ministers pending when they were cleared by a court of competent jurisdiction.

The plaintiff further asked for an order of mandamus under the reviewed Administrative Action/Inaction Procedure, to first seek and obtain the leave of court through an ex-parte application to properly commence the suit.

In the relief sought, the plaintiff raised the following questions: “Whether or not the allegation made by Justices Inyang Okoro and Sylvester N. Ngwuta in connection with the criminal-like invasion of their houses by the DSS on allegation of corruption, which the matter is already in the public domain, should be investigated and those arrested be prosecuted by the third and fourth defendants.

“Whether or not the allegation is a reasonable ground to warrant the 5th defendant, which is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and who claims that his administration is fighting corruption, to sack or compel Amaechi and Onu to resign from office as ministers pending when they are cleared of every allegation of corruption.”

Both justices had in two separate correspondences to former Chief Justice Mahmud Mohammed accused the ministers of attempting to influence court decisions in some election cases between 2015 and this year.

The matter has, however, been slated for mention on December 15.

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  • cletus onyekosor

    Let’s pray the president obeys court order this time.

    • sheyman

      What kind of order? An allegation with no evidence. So anybody can just wake up and say something against anybody and the alleged victim should be arrested or sack. Even if the allegation is true, it’s not a bribe but a plea of favour. This in anyway not a crime let alone no proof or evidence. Tomorrow another judge will say fashola also attempted to bribe him and fashola gets arrested or sack, lol…

      • Ajike Ole

        So you now accept the fact that people should be given the benefit of doubt but you blindly call people corrupt whenever your god Buhari arrest and detained people on allegations. But this is different either he sacks them or goes to a superior court to vacate the order

        • sheyman

          Nobody was ever arrested for corruption based on mere oral statement. Efcc always provide bank transfer evidence to support their claims. Go there and sack them, even the judges that convicting documents and huge cash was seized from their houses are not sacked yet. If that’s your shallow opinion, we all are victims of oral allegations and does that mean we should be punished for such baseless allegations?

          • An’ Ob

            You are telling lies

      • cletus onyekosor

        Did I hear you say plea of favour? Am highly disappointed in you. Just listen to your self.

        • sheyman

          Am greatly disappointed in you too. Maybe Amaechi and Onu’s sack will bring food to your table. Having seen your name, I already knew your stand. Moreover I thought you’re a biafran, what’s your business with nigerian issue?

          • An’ Ob

            Did the sack of the falsely accussed judges set up by Amechi and Buhari bring food on your table?

        • luguard1000

          sheyman is an animal, let them go to the court and defend themselves

      • Kingsley

        why must the judges wait till they were arrest before raising the allegations against Amaechi & Onu?

  • Lawrence Osiegbu

    Unless they leave the APC ruling party, or disagree with the party bigwigs, this order will be swept under the carpet as usual.

  • Olami

    Huuuuum, Nigeria jagajaga.

  • Giadem

    They should step down

  • worenwu

    What goes on up is coming on dawn,
    Goes around and comes around.

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  • Auta62

    We wait to see how this court order will be implemented. For a government that is notorious for disobeying court order, this may not be different from previous ones.

    • Ade Omowest

      You have been deceived by Guardian, the court did not order any arrest it rather granted the hearing and presentation by the accusers so that they can present evidence against Amaechi and Onu. The matter has, however, been slated for mention on December 15..Read the body of the report and forget the headline which is FAKE.

  • vic


  • Benny agafa

    Nothing will happen as far as allegation is allegation . They should prove it so that the whole world will know. I even pity the judge that gave the judgement without any prove. May be the judge is under probe and he quickly gave this kind judgement so that when his case comes up people will say it is victimization of the judgement. lol

  • An’ Ob

    Amaechi, Onu and their sponsor Buhari must face the court. Buhari has intimidated court and the Lawyer who sued for lack of school cert and forgery with 15 SANs and he dropped the case. He and his criminal and bokoharam team must be brought to justice.

  • John

    The judge should be investigated. Do you sack people without a proof. Then amechi and onu can wake up and accuse the judge and tge judge must also step down then

  • An’ Ob

    Don’t be deceived this court ruling I think was directed by Buhari who is the Attorney General of the Federation, just to blackmail and pressure Rotimi Amaechi to do everything possible to give him and APC wins in Rivers State.

    It is covert and usual APC/Buhari blackmail strategy they using now. With this threat Amaechi is now cajoled to save himself from being prosecuted by doing everything Buhari wants in tomorrow election to give APC victory. APC devils.

    • alfinx

      Hmmm! See analysis!

      Hahahaha! Una dey try o!

  • An’ Ob

    I read that there was CCTV capture visit of Amaechi and Onu’s visit. The Judges also stepped down

  • An’ Ob

    These two guys are enemies to their homeland, sabotuers used to carry out evil and destruction against their people. They are dinning with devils.

  • Igee Great

    Buhari will not listen to this.

  • Ade Omowest

    The Guardian Reporter is inaccurate. The Court actually granted an order of mandamus SEEKING the arrest and immediate sack of the Ministers. The Court has to be presented with tangible evidence before action is taken. Some gullible PDP supporters in this forum have been misled.