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Court hears Patience Jonathan’s bid to stop Aisha Buhari as head of Africa first ladies



Patience Jonathan

AN Abuja High Court yesterday fixed today for hearing of an application filed by eight Nigerian women, seeking to restrain Dame Patience Jonathan from holding an emergency meeting of African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM) in Abuja tomorrow.

The plaintiffs, who include Nana Module Onwodi, Ekemma Ugborough Arisa, Louisa Ono Eikhomun and Deborah Oboh claim that the said emergency meeting called by Dame Jonathan was called in “bad faith” as it is aimed at scuttling any chance of Aisha Buhari becoming the President of AFLPM.

Other defendants in the matter include Juliet Mene, Juliet Pearce, Sonia Adolf and Kate Duru. When the matter was called yesterday, hearing could not go on because the procedure for proof of service had not been completed.

Accordingly, Justice Husseini Baba-Yusuf adjourned the matter till tomorrow to enable Barrister Mohammed Ahmed file an affidavit of service and attach the Proof of Service to the said affidavit averring that the service had been effected on the defendant – Dame Jonathan.

“You should have filed an affidavit of service and annex the Proof of Service. The document does not speak for itself. Normally, if it is service on a party directly, you file the copy endorsed by recipient party.

But if it is service by substituted means, you file an affidavit to say pursuant to the order of substituted means, we have effected service.

I will adjourn to tomorrow, May 14 to enable you file the affidavit of service. Your application will be taken tomorrow,” Justice Baba-Yusuf ruled.

The plaintiffs had filed a writ of summons for themselves and on behalf of concerned Women for Peace and Development, seeking to stop the emergency meeting called by Patience Jonathan aimed at picking a new President of AFLPM from among the other African first ladies to succeed her.

They explained that the defendant became President of AFLPM‎ after Turai Yar’adua stepped down following the death of her husband and then President, Umaru Musa Yar’adua.

The plaintiffs averred that the tenure of office of President of the Mission is three years, which is expected to elapse in July 2015 and therefore any attempt for the defendant to convene a meeting to elect a new president would amount to shortchanging ‎Mrs. Buhari who ought to get a chance by May 29, 2015 to participate and even contest the office of President in July 2015.

They averred that, “the defendant/respondent’s ‎intention to hold an election in May 2015 is inimical to the progress and development of the country” as “not only shall we be affected as individuals but the entire nation will be affected as our position in the committee of African nations will be relegated.”

They further averred that, “the other African nations who are members of the Mission have unanimously agreed that the summit and the election be held in July.”

They submitted that Jonathan’s interest is “selfish and totally in bad faith” and urged the court to grant an order of interlocutory injunction restraining the defendant/respondent from convening, hosting the said meeting for the purpose of the electing the President for the Mission or from taking any step that will prejudice or foist on the applicants and the court a fair accompli pending the hearing of the suit. Justice Baba-Yusuf will entertain the interlocutory application today.

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  • sabiko

    Why emergency meeting, this Madam self , there is no sense in this at all, the power drunk is still worrying her, your husband is defeated in an election, you are on way out, what are calling the meeting for Madam, please go home and rest.

  • Hareel

    There is absolutely no sense in that meeting. She inherited the position from somebody who stepped down but she doesn’t want someone to take it from her. SELFISHNESS, WICKEDNESS AND HATRED in the mind of someone who call herself mother of the nation. THERE IS GOD OH

    • Sabo1

      Oh my people, is the President of AFLPM hereditary to Nigerian First Ladies only; otherwise why the need for election. Dame Jonathan took over from Yar’adua’s wife because a vacuum existed when she stepped down due to her husband’s death- PERIOD. This is a nonsense suite by praise singers of Buhari’s wife who want to be noticed AND GET HER ATTENTION FOR POLITICAL POST OR REWARD. This case must be thrown out and rubbished for its worth- nothing but an incitement and instigation.

      • Victor Saraman

        I disagree with you, Bro. Why can’t Mrs Jonathan wait until the scheduled date? There is no emergency here, as she is a goner anyway! She desperately wants to cling to the center of attention after her husband’s defeat.

        • Sabo1

          Ok Victor bros you are right she is a gonna so will Isha Buhari or any other First Lady one day, some day.So there is nothing strange about Mama Peace going as well. But you did not address my question viz- Is the position of the President of AFLPM hereditary or not to the Nigerian First Ladies?; is it a preserved position for Nigerian First Ladies ONLY? Until you address these questions, all your responses are purely out of personal hatred for Mama Peace and I will say Goodluck to you.

        • kris

          THANK YOU.

  • Adolf

    Much Ado about nothing, The AFLPM has no term limit?

    • kris

      This garrulousness and garri seller mentality cost her husband and the ‘biggest party in Africa’ the election.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    What have these wives contributed in alleviating the crushing poverty that is driving Africans to travel to Europe and in the process, ships capsize in Mediterranean sea with thousands of lives lost? Aisha, let her continue to be the “head” of a useless and vacuous group, as this lady loves power for its sake and she is really looking for relevance in whatever form or nature. What a shame!