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Court restrains Kano government from inaugurating new emirates

By Terhemba Daka, Abuja and Murtala Adewale, Kano
11 May 2019   |   4:21 am
Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje has dismissed suggestions that his action in creating four emirates out of Kano Emirate was a personal vendetta...

[FILE PHOTO] Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje (middle)

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Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje has dismissed suggestions that his action in creating four emirates out of Kano Emirate was a personal vendetta mission to spite the current emir, Muhammadu Sanusi.

Speaking to State House Correspondents, yesterday, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, the governors said the 800-year history of the Kano Emirate notwithstanding, his decision to create four more emirates was to ensure more active participation of the traditional institutions in developing the state.

Meanwhile, a Kano State High Court, yesterday, restrained the government from appointing new emirates councils, following the governor’s assent to the Appointment and Deposition Amendment Law 2019, passed by the state Assembly, which created additional four emirate councils, thereby unbundling the superlative powers of Sanusi.

Considering a petition filed by Ibrahim Salihu Chamber seeking for decentralisation of the Kano Emirate Council, the lawmakers adopted the Bill with accelerated attention and scaled through legislative process in three days, while the governor assented in a record time within 24 hours.

The new emirates upgraded to first class status are Gaya, Rano, Karaye and Bichi.

In a motion filed by Rabiu Sule Garzo against six defendants, the plaintiff asked the court for an order of interim injunction to restrict execution of the new law.

The defendants include Speaker of the assembly, Kano State House of Assembly, Clerk of the assembly, Governor of Kano State, attorney general and commissioner for Justice and Kano Printer.

In the applications, the plaintiff urged the court to direct the defendants to maintain the status quo and halt the publication and release of the new law and restrict effecting of the said laws.

Granting the expiate order this evening, Justice Nasiru Saminu directed the state government and all parties involved to maintain status quo.

The court also ordered that the swearing of the newly appointed heads of the new emirates be halted, pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice.

Justice Saminu fixed May 15, this year for hearing of the matter.

But Ganduje said government’s interest in the state was to see more intervention in education, health, security and others that need the involvement of traditional rulers, noting that another 800 years could see the benefits of the action manifesting, adding that those accusing him wrongly were entitled to their opinion.

According to him, the emir constitutionally reports to a local government chairman and that his grievance, if any, should be handled at that level.

“Well, they are entitled to their own opinion but we are taking Kano to the next level and we need active participation of the traditional system, especially in the areas of education, security, agriculture, we need the effectiveness of the traditional rulers.

“By decentralising it, we are following history. Years back, even before the 800 years you are referring to, the situation was not that. So, if something developed 800 years ago, things are also developing now and there will be another 800 years. So, look at the history.

“It is not vendetta, I am not against him. In fact, he is supposed to be reporting to the local government chairman, according to the constitution of Nigeria. It is the local government chairman that is supposed to discuss issues with him, not the governor.

“So, this is celebrated by the people of Kano and we will make sure that the new emirate councils are effective, in terms of developing Kano State,” he said.