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Don’t be selective in war against graft, cleric advises Buhari




President Muhammadu Buhari has been cautioned to avoid being selective while prosecuting offenders in the current war against corruption.

The Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Uche Kanu gave this charge.

The clergy said: “I support the man in authority, President Buhari, he is said to be a man of integrity, but that integrity is questionable if he cannot be fair and just to everybody.”

Speaking to journalists in Kaduna during a “Recognition of service and award of merit” at the Wesley Methodist Church, Kanu said the war against corruption should not be lopsided.

According to him, “Everybody talks about corruption, so we should do everything to remove corruption from our society, and I wouldn’t want the war against corruption to be lopsided.

“For now the way it is being fought is selective. We don’t want selective war against corruption, what we want is total war against the scourge. So if there is war against corruption the present administration should closely check people and prosecute them, including people in the All Progressives Congress (APC).”

He also argued: “The ruling party has corrupt people among them, APGA has corrupt people, all the parties have corrupt people, so it should not be selective and if corruption is not fought generally then it is vindictiveness, a mischief and wicked act. So everybody that is corrupt must pay for it.”

Dr. Kanu further challenged President Buhari to start his probe from successive governments, while insisting that, “he should start from after Shagari’s government to actually probe military and civilian successive regimes till date. He should not single out Jonathan. Jonathan’s government is not the only one corrupt, we are aware that there are many military governments that were corrupt, we are aware that successive civilian governments were corrupt and we know most of the corrupt people live within us and so there should be no sacred cows.”

Kanu continued: “We know the houses they bought in London, government can identify their houses in Switzerland, in South Africa and seize those properties, even in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna everywhere. So all the ill-gotten wealth should be taken over by government. That is the only way he can win the war against corruption.”

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1 Comment
  • mumaru

    We can read people’s lips. People who encouraged corruption because they were benefiting are now the people that are defining how the anti-corruption push should be done. Where were they when Nigerians were looking up to them to use there privileged positions to define the moral compass for these corrupt individuals that have directly or indirectly caused the death of many Nigerians by their acts of illicit resource accumulation? We should start this fight where evidence is still fresh. It is the logical thing to do.