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Elections 2015: Solider, three others killed in Rivers


"Nigeria Rivers State map" by Himalayan Explorer based on work by Uwe Dedering - Based on File:Nigeria location map.svg. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

“<a href="">Nigeria Rivers State map</a>” by Himalayan Explorer based on work by Uwe Dedering – Based on <a title="File:Nigeria location map.svg" href="//">File:Nigeria location map.svg</a>. Licensed under <a title="Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0" href="">CC BY-SA 3.0</a> via <a href="//">Wikimedia Commons</a>.

Four persons including a solider are feared dead during the Presidential and National Assembly elections in Rivers State.

There was incidents of sporadic gunshots in Buguma in Asari Local Government Area and the burning of houses in Bera in Gokana Local Government Area of the State.

The Guardian gathered unknown gunmen opened fire at a vehicle convening security men around Whimpy area of Obio-Akpor, killing one of the security personnel on the shot. The motive for the shooting could not be ascertained at press time.

The Commander of the 2nd Brigade, Nigeria Army, Bori Camp, General Essien Essien, who disclosed this said the solider died at an undisclosed hospital where he was rushed to in Port Harcourt.

A young man was also stabbed to death during a fracas between All Progressives Congress and Peoples Democratic Party supporters at Kpite in Tai Local Government Area during the accreditation an exercise.

Similarly, a solider shot dead a voter at Oghale-Eleme in Ward 3, Unit 002 in Local Government Area following a heated disagreement at one of the polling units. Eye witnesses told The Guardian that the slain man who was identified as Chris, was killed because refused INEC materials to be hijacked by political thugs.

In Ozuoha in Ikwerre Local Government Area, one person was allegedly killed and another inflicted with machete cut.
In Buguma, there was incident of sporadic gunshots which enabled the gunmen to hijack electoral materials meant for Ward 4, 5, and 6.

At Bera in Gokana Local Government Area, hometown of Senator Magnus Abe, irate youths torched the resident of a PDP chieftain and destroyed several cars.

The All Progressives Congress, Davis Ikanya, has passed a vote of no confidence on the State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Gesila Khan, declaring that she has failed woefully as she is bent on carrying out her secret agreement with PDP to return victory to the party at all cost. He said whatever result she announces as the result of yesterday’s election will not be acceptable to the party.

He explained that presidential and National Assembly elections have turned out to be a big nightmare for the APC in Rivers State, with the members being killed, attacked and disenfranchised in various parts of the State.
He said that at Andoni, electoral materials have been hijacked by PDP agents in connivance with the Army that has been threatening to arrest and kill any APC chieftains in sight.

“The Caretaker Committee Chairman of Andoni Local Government area, Esuku Esuku, has been ordered out of Ngo, headquarters of Local Government, by the Joint Task Force (JTF)/army personnel deployed to Ngo, or be killed” he said.

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  • NigerDeltaWatch

    “Thank you LORD God for the victory of your Son – President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the Polls”.
    Thank you LORD God Almighty!

    • walex

      U better go read the result of southwest and north before u begging to joy for GEJ

      • Yoko Zuna

        4get SW n N. Even SS is voting for GMB

  • onyearmy

    APC are the ones that burnt a PDP chieftain’s residence and turned around to complain of violence and rigging and them.

    • Yoko Zuna

      Another 5 years of Goodluck and God do not need to create Hell – He already created Nigeria

  • Ralf

    Let d violence stop…Use your votes pple…Coupist cow dung illiterate old soldier Bhri , will fail n fail again. ..For sure

    • Yoko Zuna

      u mean GEJ had succeeded all this while???


    amaechi must be the one doing all this things.he is a liar

    • Yoko Zuna

      Welcome-o to PHC

  • solas

    Rivers state should be ashamed of themselves, I still wonder why they cannot maintain orderliness.

    • B’FRA Best

      They cannot msintain orderlinenesd because they believe that Aso Rock belong to GEJ and PDP.

  • APC thrives on cheap propaganda, abhorence to the Peace Accord and voilence. Imagine burning a PDP stalwarts house and turning round to scream blue murder.

  • Usman Shehu Abdullahi

    Forgive them lord, for they know not what they do.

    • Yoko Zuna

      Strike them down with lightning

  • Makavelli

    Amechi and stupidity. Vagabond in power

  • Martycool

    In Rivers State people turn out massively to vote and election was fair even in Port Harcourt Town where I voted. Ameachi should stop making noise and the APC should stop blaming people if people vote more of PDP to APC. Just like Lagos where in some Polling units APC leads in margins and PDP supporters didn’t make noise. Weda Amaechi likes it r not, the Devil we know is better than the Angel we Dont know. Even River State APC members voted for GEJ at presidential. Instead of the governor to cast his one vote to boast APC result he is there trying to cause confusion in the state. Who made Amaechi INEC monitoring agent that he will be parading himself everywhere? Aren’t other state governors calm? Let’s wait for the final result and who will be declared the overall winner. Amaechi is so noisy.

    • olaide

      That is the quality and worth of your morals and judgement! We heard of serious cases of violence, INEC collusion, military compromise and we saw corp(s),yet you said peaceful. Ethnic jaundice and blight seem to have robbed you of objectivity in that part of Nigeria. Even, if GEJ rubbed himself all over with his Shit, you lots will say it is presidential. Anyway,you can only wake a man who truly is asleep not one pretending to be asleep.

      • Usman Shehu Abdullahi

        Quite ingenious, poetic and apt description of a troubled soul. Olaide u deserve a medal.

  • Anyanwu Bright Chibuzor

    The election in my ward4 in Etche LGA was peaceful. People got accredited and voted. It was a peaceful exercise!

  • Nureni Badmos

    Carrying out the First Lady’s orders. Stone them anywhere you HEAR CHANGE. The. ICC is watching.
    May the soul of the dead rest in Peace, amen.

    • Yoko Zuna

      Holy Ghost Fire… In PHC, that meant burn the PDP.

  • adex

    Its interesting though!!…the value of Human life is so little in Nigeria!…a first lady clamours for people to be stoned publicly and its okay?…all because the Governor opposses her husband?…wait is this how politics should be?…so because im not agreed with your views i become your enemy?….is that how Democracy should be?,,,is it really about the people or massaging of some supercharged ego in Power?….what really is disturbing is how eople you would otherwise assume are enlightened and educated(going by access to the internet and this forum) gleefuly cheer and justify such actions!!…were it to be a relative that died or a Loved one, will anyone come here and still Justify it?….its Sad and we need to really be Circumspect of certain things!!…God Bless Nigeria.

  • canzete

    Amechi is deceiving himself

    • Yoko Zuna

      Just like Goodluck had deceived Nigeria


    Nobody should cry foul. We should all embrace free and fair elections or plan better rigging strategies. Don’t cry foul because your party was out-rigged.