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Fashola, Nnaji, NEMSA, seek better regulation of electricity sector




• Minister challenges Discos, Gencos on delivery
• Warns against dangerous connections, quackery

IF assurances yesterday from top stakeholders are anything to go by, stiffer measures are now in place to ensure the integrity of electricity systems, networks and other electrical installations nationwide.

The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) brought together stakeholders in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) to chart a course for delivery of safe, reliable and sustainable electricity power supply and ensure the safety of lives and property in the sector.

Speaking at the event, Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola, stressed the eagerness of the president to use the electricity sector as a catalyst to achieve industrialisation and boost socioeconomic activities, as well as stimulate rapid growth in the economy.

Fashola, whose speech was delivered by a representative, stressed the need to uphold the sanctity of lives of Nigerians and other electricity consumers.

He noted that the government would not condone frequent incidents of electrocution and other accidents in the industry due to the use of substandard materials and equipment, poor state of electricity supply networks as well as frequent systems collapses.

He stressed how NEMSA had been given a full mandate to ensure that the electricity services in the country meet the best international practice.

The minister used the forum to appeal to the owners of the privatised generation and the distribution companies to redouble their efforts at providing sustainable and reliable electricity to their customers.

He said: “While we appreciate the improvement in electricity supply since the inception of the present administration, I have to reiterate the fact that providing sustainable and efficient power supply in a robust electricity industry is one of the cardinal foci of the Buhari administration. I therefore urge all relevant stakeholders in the power sector to work assiduously in achieving this important feat.”

He noted: “As we consolidate on the gains of privatisation of the Nigerian power sector which took effect from November 2013, the important role of NEMSA in stabilising the industry cannot be over-emphasised. The Act which sets up NEMSA provides a guideline to its critical functions of providing enforcement, inspection, inspection, testing and certification towards ensuring that electrical materials, equipment, instruments used in NESI are of the right quality, standards and specifications; that power systems and networks put in place have been properly planned, designed and executed before use to ensure that such systems are capable of delivering safe, reliable and regular electricity supply to the consumers nationwide.”

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  • honesty NO1

    Mr Fashola i am thinking that you need to really go deeper to the root of this power problem than just letting the statuscuo continue. What i can see now is not being able to do much about improving on what is on the ground. Your ministry will make or break APC administration. If you don’t know what to do or where to begin put on your thinking cap now ! ! before the time runs out. You have 3.5 years left ! ! !

    • larr

      We both know “talk is cheap”. Fashola and APC have no ideas how to solve the problems. They have opted for the easier part, organize seminar, give lecture, hold meeting, etc. All their activities are strategically meant to distract the public attention away and make the public believe they are doing something. I can assure you but not wishing that in 3.5 years the country will be worse-off than today. No body solves a problem by cycling around it. He has to confront the problem hand-on. APC and Buhari have demonstrated in 6 months that they were not prepared for the challenge of leadership.

  • Tunde

    Work with Nnaji.

  • amador kester

    most shoddily regulated sector is the power sector long abandoned to preposterous policies to the point of utter hopelessness and in dire need of prompt and meticulous forensic audit but with fashola on board the ministerial train all these challenges might soon fizzle out as foreign investors identify a new gold mine in the revamped power sector

  • Saka Pena

    Where was Nnaji in the report?

  • juliusonny

    Any time I read about generating and distributing electricity in Nigeria I cannot help crying because it pains to the marrow of my bone. I cannot help laughing for the same reason either because it is so RIDICULOUS. A nation of about 174 million inhabitants does not know how to put their heads together and find a lasting solution. Nigeria is the sixth or seventh world largest exporter of oil with abundance of natural gas from which power can be generated. It is shameful
    that some idiots from the government have the guts and shameless brazen face to come to the public and blame the failure on vandalism. Recently I read that Nigerians are not able to generate electricity because Shell and some other companies refused to settle price issue with NNPC. Abah!!! who is the boss? I thought President Buhari being the main minister of petroleum and gas would make a significant difference. Instead of perambulating and deceiving Nigerians on this issue I would like to suggest some solutions.

    Let´s start from the Northern Nigeria.There are kilometers after kilometers of land lying idle in the sunny north.This is a fantastic source of energy. How to tap into it? Northern states can join efforts together to generate power from a huge solar farm or even windmill farm. This in return can be used to develop the North and then sell the excess the other parts of the country. And do not waist too much time before embarking on this because I have just read it somewhere that the Europeans in search of clean energy are coming to do the same in the North of Africa. By so doing the Northern states will cease to depend on the southern oil for energy. It is all about business, so any individual with enterprise intelligence can create a company targeting this.

    Let´s go to the Southern part of Nigeria, there is abundance of wind for free at any place close to the ocean. Nigeria possesses kilometres after kilometres of coast line which can be used to scheme and create windmill farm to generate clean electricity. This also can be another great business for any smart businessman. Why cannot it follow the step of mobile phone?

    Question;do people who have condition to shake things up read all these comments we write?