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Grenada seeks closer ties with Nigeria

By Eniola Daniel
31 October 2022   |   3:02 am
Caribbean country, Grenada, has called for close ties with Nigeria and asked Nigerians to take advantage of its Citizenship-By-Investment (CBI) opportunity.

Caribbean country, Grenada, has called for close ties with Nigeria and asked Nigerians to take advantage of its Citizenship-By-Investment (CBI) opportunity.
The country made the call at an event organised by Hengsheng Group, an investment holding company and developer of Grenada National Resort.
It said CBI also offers many other benefits to foreign nationals, who want second citizenship and a passport that gives a visa-free gateway to the world’s two most important economies, US and China.  

The Grenada visa, obtained through the CBI, also offers free tuition for children of the applicant to attend K12 public schools and in-state tuition for university students.  

Disclosing this in Lagos during its first dinner held in Ikeja, Lagos, the Chairman of the group, Yuanfa Li, said the Grenadian passport, under the CBI project, also gives its holders visa-free access to about 141 other countries in the world.   

He said as a global investment holding, which offers its services globally, the Hengsheng Group, with the approval of the Grenadian government, has come to the African real estate market to offer the CBI opportunity to qualified investors. 
Also speaking at the event, Senior Consultant, Grenada CBI Programme, Sheila Harris, said due diligence was strictly followed to ensure that investors are not those with questionable funds. 
She said: “We have visa-free travel to China, the UK and several other countries. Grenada passport offers second citizenship mobility that another passport is unable to provide and a CBI citizen has the same rights as any other Grenadian citizen.”
Speaking at the event, the Group Regional Director for Africa, Idowu Olumide, said visa application takes between four and six months to get approval.