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Group kicks against state police


Nigeria Police

The Southern Nigeria Peoples Mandate (SNPM), a political group, has kicked against state police as supported by both the Senate and House of Representative in their different chambers on July I2.

“What the state governments should do is to support the central (federal-funded) police with equipment to fight crime,’’ President of the group, Mr Augustine Chukwudum, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Enugu.

Chukwudum was reacting to the clamour for state police by some state governors, which got the support of members of the National Assembly.


“How can state governors, who cannot pay workers’ salary, be calling for additional work force (state police force) while the civil servants under some of them are being owed between eight and 12 months’ salary including pension.’’

He alleged that the members of the National Assembly had lost focus of what Nigerians sent them to do in the red and green chambers.

“Nigerians must wake up from their slumber and ask the state governors what they are doing with the money they collect every month as security vote.

“Because we know that the 36 state governors collect more than N60billion yearly as security vote.

“We demand that the National Assembly shall not include state police in our Constitution as championed by some outspoken lawmakers because the likely result will not bring succour to the masses.

“Everybody knows that these governors will use it to fight their perceived and imaginary political opponents and enemies,’’ he said.

Chukwudum noted that it would be better for Nigeria to remain with one central police with full financial assistance from state governments and corporate bodies.

“We can assure everybody that with this type of co-operation, our country will be secured.

“Those clamouring for state police should forget it because it will not be beneficial to the ordinary people of our country, so we must not allow it to happen,’’ Chukwudum said.

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