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Gunmen raid Yobe village, 150 feared drowned



Gov. Ibrahim Gaidam of Yobe state

ABOUT 150 people of Kukuwa-Gari village in Yobe State were feared drowned in a river and some shot dead by fleeing dozens of Boko Haram militants who arrived on motorcycles and a car last week and opened fire, scattering terrified residents of the community.

A resident, who spoke with Agence France Presse (AFP), Modu Balumi, said: “They opened fire instantly, which forced residents to flee. They shot a number of people. Unfortunately, many residents who tried to flee plunged into the river and many got drowned.

“By our latest toll, we have 150 people either (shot dead) or drowned in the attack.

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  • Pepper Wingate

    This is what Arab slavers used to do during the slave trade. Boko Haram are reviving the slave trade!

  • Bola Jude

    Why are our journalist always afraid to report issues the way they are .Why not say “dozens of Boko Haram militants” rather than saying “fleeing”.dozens of Boko Haram militants”. Fleeing from where and from who?. Using the word “fleeing” portrays it as if it was an unplanned attack by just a few remaining Boko Haram members who were running for their lives.

    By using the word “fleeing”, you are indirectly telling Nigerians that there will be no such attack again as the remaining members of Boko Haram have flee from Nigeria territory due to our complete takeover. We all know our military are gallantly trying their best and more kudos to them , but we also know that Boko Haram still have a stronghold in those remote areas. So stop painting words.

  • Ojiyovwi

    It is disappointing to see the Guardian publishing unconfirmed ‘news’, which may not be true. Very poor journalism. Guardian must not descend into these fascical reporting that have the potential to cause pannic in the communities affected. This is crass and immature.