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How to choose an untraditional engagement ring


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Choosing an engagement ring perfect for your partner can be one of the toughest decisions to make! After all, they will wear it for the rest of their lives.

If you want to spring a pleasant surprise on your partner with worthy engagement rings Brisbane, then firstly look at the type of ring they are currently wearing.
What is the color and type of metal that they really like- rose gold, white gold, or traditional yellow?
Also, is it a diamond or another precious stone that they like?

Picking something different?
Understanding their usual preferences is helpful when you are picking an unconventional design for an engagement ring. While it is better to not go overboard with the untraditional elements, you can align your selection with their basic choice. That way, it will be a safe and worthy choice; something that they will adore!


Buying the old-school engagement ring with a big diamond might not be something that everyone likes. Sometimes a gold ring with gemstones is what your girl would love. You can opt for rare colored gem-quality stones that do work as a great alternative to diamonds. They look classy but are more affordable than diamond rings. Gone are the days when only diamond rings were considered for engagement; the new era is all about choice and uniqueness. Green-colored stones like emeralds and tourmalines have taken over the market in the present times.

What if not the traditional diamond ring?

There are many options when you want an untraditional engagement ring that would act as an alternative to the diamond ones. For example, salt and pepper diamonds are much more beautiful but less expensive than traditional diamonds. You might even customize it with feathery additions, which would enhance the ring’s overall personality. The sapphire rings also look very elegant. They are tough and durable too. The vibrancy of the tourmaline also makes it a trendy choice for engagement rings. Rubies can also be a great choice as they come in a variety of colors.

You might like spinals if you want something different and eye-catching. You can add small diamonds as accent stones so that the main gemstone becomes the point of focus. These stones are indeed unique in the sense that no two stones will look the same.


Some unconventional options that you can try
There are a lot of choices when you want to select an untraditional engagement ring for your partner. You can go for the recently popular rose gold metal as a contemporary alternative to the traditional yellow gold. For the stones, rather than choosing the flawless diamonds, go for the colored ones and ensure some unique cuts. But whatever you choose, it should have the appropriate hardness to maintain its lifelong durability.

The endpoint is, you should first work on understanding the preferences of your girlfriend. Once that is known, you can choose from a wide range of beautifully colored stones and unique metals that would make the engagement ring more beautiful.


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