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How to saftly play game online in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most populous countries globally, with 206 million people. According to the latest updates, the country's economy ranks 25th in the world in terms of GDP.....

Nigeria is one of the most populous countries globally, with 206 million people. According to the latest updates, the country’s economy ranks 25th in the world in terms of GDP, and it is still growing. In recent years, Nigerians’ standard of living has been increasing along with the economy, and it has resulted in more and more people being economically qualified to engage in gambling as a pastime. Consequently, Nigeria is gradually becoming one of the world’s largest online sports betting and online gambling markets.

However, as a nascent market, many punters from this African country still lack experience in choosing reputable online casinos to participate in gambling activities. So, in today’s article, we will provide the most detailed guide for Nigerian gamblers on how to choose a reputable casino, engage in safe bets, and avoid scam platforms. All information is gathered from a trusted source: CasinoMentor.

Gambling Market Situation In Nigeria

Since colonial times, gambling has appeared in Nigeria, with the popular form of football betting among the elderly. However, since 1990, the Penal Code Act enacted by the country’s Government has banned most forms of land-based gambling.

However, at that time, online betting platforms were still a thing of the future. Unfortunately, the changes in the law of this country do not seem to keep up with the speed of technology development, and until now, the latest updates in this law still do not contain any information relating to online betting. Therefore, we can see that, in Nigeria, all online betting and gambling activities are considered legal.

Freedom can bring many advantages; however, in the case of the betting market in this large African country, this is not necessarily the case. With the emergence of a series of betting sites based in Nigeria and operated by foreign companies, people in this country, besides enjoying rich gambling and betting services, are still facing scam platforms.

Scam platforms appear a lot in this country as a result of their operation without following the regulation of the State. In other words, the operators of these platforms do not pay taxes to the Government of Nigeria. Therefore, bettors will have to accept a high risk that their behavior will not receive protection from any competent authority of their Government.

How To Gamble Safely In Nigeria

At present, with its efforts, the Government of Nigeria has revised its laws and officially approved some forms of gambling, notably online sports betting, to earn income from tax.

However, we still see a gray area regarding the legality of online casino operations in this African country. Therefore, Nigerians who love entertainment services from online casinos should refer to the helpful information we mention below to limit the risks when engaging in their betting and gambling activities, both online and offline.

Selecting Reliable Casinos

First and foremost, you must stay away from scam platforms and choose trustworthy websites. The defining feature of these websites is that they have valid licenses from reputable authorities such as UKGC and MGA. Besides, there are some other factors to help an online casino site prove its transparency, such as:

Validated from RNG testing agencies:
RNG is a software that uses algorithms to give results in casino games. Having a casino approved by reputable third parties such as eCOGRA, TST, or iTech Labs that the RNG software they use is valid will give players peace of mind that the results from their games Participation are entirely random and not subject to operator manipulation.

Use SSL technology:
This technology will help reputable platforms protect the personal information you have provided to them while you set up an account. Therefore, it will ensure your sensitive information is safe and avoid being stolen by evil hackers.

Get rave reviews from professional sites and real players:
You can consult quality casino review sites and people who have played there to see if the platform you choose is mistreating its players.

Clear and reasonable terms and conditions:
All players must agree to the T&Cs set forth by the online betting sites’ operators to use their services. However, some scam sites will introduce unfair rules to limit the player’s chances of winning to the maximum. Therefore, we highly recommend that you dig into the fine print to find out what risks expose you to injustice before engaging in gambling at any platform.

Understand The Risk And Treat Gambling Only As Entertainment

Of course, there is no reason for casinos to operate where all of their players win big. The games the casino offers are always designed for players to lose more than they win, and the games with the best RTP levels also never guarantee that you will beat the online casinos. In fact, there are very few players who actually make their career through their luck. Even if you win big on one spin, the casino will still be the winner in the end if you keep testing your luck in the long run. Therefore, understanding this is the basis for you to have a safer gambling experience.

The fact that you only consider gambling as a hobby also helps you a lot and enables you to stay away from huge financial debts. Although there are many professional players in such sports as roulette, poker, or blackjack, you will never know the risks they have to take when making a living by gambling. Therefore, the best thing is to enjoy gambling like any other entertainment, like watching a movie or going to a music concert. Huge bonuses always make you happy to receive them, but once you realize that it is okay not to have them, it is time to step into online casino sites.

Responsible Gambling

That is something that online betting platforms constantly repeat whenever they can and always want their players to understand this issue. There are many elements associated with responsible gambling, and you should follow the advice we give below to avoid the potential dangers that online gambling can bring.

First, you should never use a credit card for deposit transactions. The risks of not being in control of your rush are apparent, and credit cards help by plunging you into personal severe financial trouble. We understand how frustrating it can be to receive multiple failures in a row, but you’ll make things worse if you decide to go all-in to make up for those losses. Therefore, only use self-earn money for gambling and stay away from attractive loan offers from credit cards.

Next, you should set limits on your betting time. Online and land-based betting platforms are always doing their best to get their players to spend as much time as possible on them through the enclosed, windowless design of the casinos as for land-based casinos; or games with attractive interfaces to online sites. So the best way is to determine the maximum amount of time in a day that you can spend enjoying these entertainment services, then focus on more important things.

Last but not least, responsible gambling is also reflected in you saving your winnings and investing them periodically. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and win big, but if you take all that money as a basis to invest in the potential for the following huge win, you will likely lose everything. So the advice we give is that you should only deposit a certain amount per month, suitable for your finances, and stop playing if you have lost all your investment in that month.

One piece of information that every bettor should be aware of is that reputable casinos have methods to assist their players in responsible gambling. These can be features that each account has, such as setting a maximum monthly deposit limit, a maximum playtime limit, or providing a hotline that your friends or relatives can contact urgently should you lose control during your bet. It is one of those positive things that you can only get if you choose a reputable platform to play on.

Final Verdict

Nigeria is a thriving betting market with huge player potential. However, it also has a lot of potential risks if you are a player who does not have much experience in this field. Therefore, we hope that the information we mentioned in this article will be helpful to you in your betting activities.