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How to win real money by playing online slot in New Zealand

If you watch a lot of movies, you probably associate a casino with a shady basement in your mind.

If you watch a lot of movies, you probably associate a casino with a shady basement in your mind. But this image couldn’t be farther from the truth!
With the rise of digital transformation, gaming sites have also emerged as interactive, user-friendly online platforms. In fact, over 96% of online gamblers prefer to play from the comfort of their homes.

Here you can browse through a vast gaming library, select a slot and play real money slots NZ. If you are a beginner, you can always bet without cash and get hands-on experience first.
But if you are looking for a short-cut method to win big, the road to gambling is full of obstacles. While no one can guarantee sure-shot success to wealth, here are a few ways by which you can improve your chances of winning real money by playing online slots NZ.

Choose a Reliable Casino Site

You will find a plethora of online gambling sites at your disposal. But to play safe, it is crucial to weed out the unlicensed, fraud websites that might end up scamming your money. To know whether a particular site is safe or not, check whether it is approved by authorities and regulated by the right governing bodies.
Also, trust your instinct and eliminate any options that seem like red flags. Once you have found the right, trustable site, go ahead and register yourself. Sign in and start playing the best online slots available.

Claim Any Bonuses and Rewards Available

Most online casino sites will offer you lucrative welcome bonuses and weekly rewards. This amount can help you start with your first game and motivate you to continue playing online slots for real money.
Look for casinos that mention occasional tournaments, seasonal rewards and offer other bonuses. This reward can arrive in multiple forms:

  • Free spins
  • Reload bonus
  • Matching bonus
  • Welcome bonus
  • No deposit offers

You can also leverage these bonuses to bet without having to put in any deposit from your side, thus increasing your chances of winning real money. After wagering your winnings a given number of times, you can withdraw the amount quickly.

Read the Rules

Gambling involves a tonne of rules. Like they say, “Half knowledge can be dangerous,” it is better to stay informed about the guidelines of the online slot you will play beforehand.
Most casino games are strategy-based and require critical thinking and quick decision-making skills. It is better to play demo versions without betting any real money to ensure that you are not going in blind.
Once you have a general idea about forming the game strategy, start small. Professional players win most poker games because they know the right gaming strategy. Think wisely and research before you go all in.

Pick the Right Game

Seeing plenty of games lined up in the library can be a dream come true for any beginner. But any clever gambler would know how to find a suitable game with high value. Instead of trying to win big at once, look for games that offer you chances to win multiple times.
You should look for games that have low-risk factors and are likely to turn in your favour. Once you stick to bets that win, you can gain more practice and become a seasoned player.
Also, stay aware of the pitfalls in bigger stake games. Most inexperienced players are tempted by bigger Jackpots and lose a considerable amount. Try to level up one by one instead of making the big jump.

Learn Money Management

Keep tracking your money constantly, and don’t end up spending more than you have planned. Once you have deposited a certain amount, note it down. Similarly, note down your wins and keep track of profit.
If you are a beginner, stick to smaller deposits and avoid risks. Also, gambling can turn into addictive behaviour quite quickly. Therefore, it is better to limit yourself to avoid more significant losses.

Referral and Loyalty Programs

For seasoned players, casino sites offer referral bonuses. Hence, you get a certain amount of reward every time your friend joins the site. But unlike other platforms, here, the referred individual needs to make a certain deposit for you to claim the bonus.
Apart from that, there are multiple loyalty or VIP programs that you should join. Some perks of loyalty programs include:

  • Cashback offers
  • Quicker withdrawals
  • Personal account manager
  • Birthday bonus
  • Higher withdrawal and deposit limits
  • Exclusive prizes and other miscellaneous rewards

Best Slot Games to Win Real Money

While all gaming slots will make you money if you win, some games drastically improve your money-making chances. Here are some options you should stick to if you are looking for the best online slots.

Mega Moolah
Mega Moolah is a thrilling Jackpot slot known for its largest payout world record of nearly €18 million in 2015. It is ideal for novice players as it is a low variance slot. It offers better chances of winning across several spins but with a lower amount.
Mega Moolah also offers a Jackpot wheel that randomly appears on your screen. Here, you can easily strike a big win if luck is in your favour.

Thunderstruck II
An improved version of the original slot, Thunderstruck II offers five reels, three rows, and 243 different ways to win. This Norse mythology slot was launched in 2010 and is still considered one of the most exciting online slots available. This slot gives you a chance to win up to 2.4 million coins.
Here, you can practice plenty by playing demo versions before switching to real money. The Return to Player percentage is nearly 96.65% which is better than most online slots.

Avalon II
Inspired by The Legend of King Arthur, Avalon II is a widely popular slot that comes with the Return to Player percentage of 95.92%. Here, you also get the Merlin Bonus and a Themed Bonus Round to increase your chances of winning.
You also get a chance to discover the Holy Grail Quest and claim Free Spins along the way.

Wizard of Oz
If you are a fan of the Wizard of Oz movie, you definitely ought to try out this slot. It offers several bonus rounds, big jackpots, and extra credits. This fast-paced slot can help you win 10,000 coins in one go. By unlocking free spins, you can play the slot with improved odds.

The Bottom Line
The main motive behind joining an online casino is the money advantage. But it is way more complicated to win huge than one can comprehend. However, you can increase your chances of winning online slots for real money NZ by following specific guidelines.

It is essential to pick a gaming platform approved by the relevant authorities and licensed as per New Zealand’s governing body. Also, go through the terms and conditions meticulously.
Remember to rack your winnings from real money slots, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to set a cash limit. It will prevent you from facing any huge losses.