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I don’t know Buhari’s exact state of health, says Adesina


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President Will Come Back To Nigeria Whenever He's Disposed - Femi Adesina
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President Will Come Back To Nigeria Whenever He's Disposed - Femi Adesina
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In spite of the rumours regarding his state of health, the Nigerian government remains mum on the nature of President Muhammadu Buhari's ailment.

Speaking on Channels Television's Sunday politics yesterday, Buhari's spokesman, Femi Adesina, refrained from stating specifically what was wrong with the president but asked Nigerians to pray for him. Adesina claimed that doctor-patient confidentiality would not allow divulging Buhari's health status.

He later said he was not aware of what was wrong with the president, but insisted that only Buhari can address Nigerians on the state of his health.

“I am sure it will get to a point when the President has to disclose the status of his health if it needs to be disclosed. If it’s something serious enough to disclose, I am sure he will disclose it,” he said.

“The President is the one who can release his own health status.

“The day he left, we still spoke. He didn’t tell me ‘this is my condition’. He told me he was going to rest and he would do medicals and that was included in the statement we released,” he added.

Buhari left Nigeria on January 19 for London to “undergo routine medical check-ups” during a short holiday and was expected to resume work on February 6.

But Adesina said in a statement on Sunday that the president was advised by his doctors to extend his 10-day leave without stating when he would return to the country.

“The President had planned to return to Abuja this evening (yesterday) but was advised to complete the test cycle before returning. The notice has since been dispatched to the Senate President (Bukola Saraki), and Speaker, House of Representatives (Yakubu Dogara)," he said.

Adesina, however, noted that the president's absence was immaterial since there was no vacuum in government.

“But the issue now is (that) there is no vacuum in government. No lacuna because power has been transferred to the Vice President (Yemi Osinbajo) who is acting president.

“So, Mr President can take the time he desires and when his doctors give him a clean bill of health, he then can return home.”

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  • AZZO

    Oga Femi, you expect Nigerians to believe hook, line and sinker that no one in ASO VILLA knows about your principal’s state of health? It would have made more sense if you had said that “no one in ASO VILLA is allowed to speak on the health status of Mr president until the president say so” that way Nigerians will know that it is a directive from your boss. But to say that you and other presidential aides in ASO VILLA do not know anything about his health……………………………….I ask that you please think again.


    Shut up! Adeshina, Liar Mohammed and etc are disgraces to the journalism profession, Reuben Abati and Remi Ojo were shameless liars to protect the interest of their employers and governments, but they were professional about it, this government spokesmen are disgraceful liars, first Buhair travelled for vacation, then leave, then leave can mean anything even treatment etc a government of liars who are desperate and worried about loosing their jobs, even if Buhri were terminal sick, brain dead or dead I would nt expect truth from pathological liars, they have now put him on indefinite leave to reduce the lies and excuses.

  • Stephen

    Now it is becoming more obvious that the north wants to replay Yaradua’s death Scandal with Buhari. When will Moslem leaders learn not to force people into telling lies just to keep the Nigeria presidency to themselves. Don’t be Surprised if they drag this health issue longer than this week, it simply means that the president is not fit to rule again, assuming he is not dead.

  • oluwole Soyemi

    We pray for the speedy recuperation of Mr president

    • Stephen

      Story.Osibanjo should be sworn in as acting president

  • Archibong Williams

    I feel we should rather pray for the President than make politics out of his health, after all he is human, he never claimed to be immortal. Mark you. I’m not a politician neither did I vote for him. But please this time should call for sober reflections and not adding insults to the sores. That’s my take. Thanks