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Jonathan, Buhari To Unveil Agenda  For South East Zone


jonathan and buhari-

jonathan and buhari-

WITH barely a week to the presidential elections, the two leading presidential candidates, President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari will tomorrow present themselves before Ndigbo in Owerri or Enugu to show case what they have in stock for them if voted into office.

Making the revelation in Enugu State yesterday, a member of the Igbo Conversation Group (ICG) and former governor of Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim in his address at the inaugural meeting of the group at the Nike Lake Hotel, said, “It is not too late for them to come and address us, a day is enough in politics.”

The former governor, who noted that the ICG is a college of Igbo intellectuals and not a association or a group seeking pecuniary handouts from any presidential candidate or anybody, said, “we have to come together to save our nation; we have to come together to save Igbo land. Whether Ndigbo vote or not, someone will win, but if we have to vote, we should be careful how we do it.”

“We want the best candidate to win. We want the best person who will address the best interests of Ndigbo. The Igbo love the Hausa, the North. After the war, Ndigbo lost their properties everywhere. But in the North, our people got back their properties without fuss and rancour. But in Rivers State, they became abandoned property.”

Various speakers noted how the Igbo have been shortage-changed in the country, despite their “strategic importance”  over the years and insisted that the time has come for a rethink.

In the keynote address titled : “2015 and Igbo question: Towards a new Igbo civilization,” the former vice chancellor of the Anambra State University of Technology, and pro chancellor of the university of Maiduguri and the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Professor Chiweyite Ejike, stated, “we are fully aware that the Jonathan administration has not seriously addressed the core promises and commitments made to Ndigbo during the 2011 election campaign.”

Ejike, who heads the Ozo Traditional Society in Nigeria and the deputy chairman of Igbo Leaders of Thought, noted further that, “In spite of (this), the Igbo Leaders of Thought believes that the best interest of Ndigbo would be better served by our people supporting the reelection of President Jonathan.”

Chief Enechi Onyia (SAN) said: “Igbo should be proud because we have a history;
“In the last election, we were meant to understand that after Jonathan, that it will be the turn of the Ndigbo. But it is looking increasing difficult for Jonathan to fulfill that promises, we don’t blame him, it is politics. But what it means is that no one can make Ndigbo president, we will get it by our ability.”

The former Attorney General of Enugu, Chief (Mrs.) Kate Onwe said: “we don’t have roads in the South East where others in the West and North have infrastructure, both what they asked for and didn’t ask for. Not only roads, we don’t have security. Wherever there is crisis in the country, the Igbo are the first to be attacked or killed. Let all us turn out to vote.”

Professor Pat Utomi, in his contribution, said: “the issue of endorsement is all over the place, but was it discussed. What did we get from the other endorsements. They tell us that they love the Igbo, yet their it we have been hearing how they love the Igbo, yet they can’t tar our roads. Can we endorse a government without sitting down to engage and get commitment. We need to be strategic about how we engage on the Nigerian issue.

“For the past six weeks, Jonathan has virtually relocated to the South West to campaign. Did he relocate to the East? No, because we have already endorsed. Unless we redeem Igbo culture, we cannot redeem the Igbo land. All the Igbo man wants is a level playing field. That is all we want from the candidates and the country. Enough is enough. The time for action is now.”

On what has hampered Ndigbo from going forward, various speakers decried the impression that the Ndigbo have been known as a people who can be bought over with money.

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  • buhari agenda for the east is good or bad, you answer this without sentiments.

  • chinwe davis

    he has no good intention for my people, judging from the past, history has a funny way of occurring again. GEJ is the leader we want, and never buhari!

    • Taiwo Tychus

      U’re not tired of suffering. Continue with it for 4more years, but be prepared to explain to yr children why you took such a silly decision when u had nothing to show for voting GEJ in 2011.I think “once beaten, twice shy” makes sense here.

  • if that be the case, Jonathan will be in their favour, he has already been in their favour, buhari is a dictator so you should know the outcome of that.

  • Nelson David

    What did GMB have to unveil if he cannot come out for common debate.

    • charles

      They are talking of IBO votes. To me if buhari hadn’t tinubu in his party my advise will be for the Igbo’s to vote for him. Tinubu is a very corrupt politician . bcos I know IBO’s as people will gain more with buhari presidency than Jonathan.. Personal appointments is not the same as infrastructure for IBO states and federal presence which I have not seen with good luck presidency. IBO’s to me should forget about voting but if u must vote just vote according to your conscience but I know good luck presidency will not be of benefit to ibos.

  • Bassey

    Jonathan need not unveil anything because we have seen what he can do.

  • Divine West

    President Jonathan agenda will far better compare to that of Buhari.


    i want to say it clear ,jonathan will got my vote but he must tell us what we will expect from him in south east.

  • emmanuel

    GMB have nothing for the south east

  • uduak akpan

    south east will give PGEJ a massive vote with or without HIM unveiling anything

  • uzo

    Mr President don’t worry yourself we will vote you

  • kemi

    south east will give PGEJ 100% vote

    • kingsley obi


  • Dr Sam Nwiyordee

    The igbo extraction has not spoken well, Nwadiala Chukwuemeka Ngozichineke Wogu (Emeka Ngozi Wogu) was appointed Nigerian Federal Minister of Labour & Productivity on 6 April 2010, when Acting President Goodluck Jonathan announced his new cabinet, is that not a good step?

    • Enumah

      No. they want him to step down for an ibo man before they’ll be pleased. The truth about life is everybody can’t be pleased at the same level.

    • Okenwa Peter Chris

      We ain’t talking about appointment Mr. Sam. We in the South East has been taken for a fool for quit some time now. It has been a ground where empty promises are made by politicians of all sort just to hoodwink us into getting our vote after which we are left to our fate. Jonathan though my choice, hasn’t done well to my people. Jonathan administration can not boast of any infrastructural development in the South East.

  • Ukpono

    Here goes another flaw for Buhari..

  • Etega

    The APC have used propaganda in exchange for manifesto. They have absolutely nothing to offer to themselves let alone a ward/constituency then to talk of a whole nation like Nigeria. Infact, Buhari is an insult to modern day politics.

  • Emeka215

    Godspeed be with Jonathan!

  • nafisat

    As usual our grand uncle buhari will have nothing to offer, he should rest please…

    • kingsley obi

      He should rest or go back to the military.

    • Dahiru Abubakar Sadiq

      Discuss…u ar nt actually a nafisat bt a hired devil

  • uko bassey

    GEJ all the way, Nigeria is blessed with GEJ as our president!

  • geraldine jaja

    GEJ is president and will continue till 2019

  • faith adams

    There is no peace for the wicked, and no hope for the ungrateful, the igbo should be grateful to GEJ

    • kingsley obi

      Tell them please.

  • felicia jones


  • Innocent Okezie Ugwonaruenyi

    The Ijaws are not the best friend of Igbos. They were accusing the Igbos of oppression and suppression . Today the whole Nation can see the Ijaw man for what he is! The two Candidates are indeed a choice burden. I am in agreement with Soyinka.