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‘Life can be better when you live to make others great’


Yobo and Ibhakhomu

Like most successful people in business, Grace Ofure Ibhakhomu got into the business at an early age by selling palm oil with her mother, while still in school.

“After my University degree and NYSC, I got married and sought to get a job in Lagos but couldn’t secure any which made me resort to selling second-hand wears popularly known as Okrika on the street of Lagos. I did that because of my desire to contribute in my home and not always depend on my husband.” 

At the age of 24, while selling second-hand clothes, she ran into an old classmate, who introduced her to the opportunities in real estate brokerage and investments.

“I spent time learning about real estate and in few years, I raised some money from my second-hand clothing business to invest in real estate.”
According to Grace, when an opportunity to purchase a fast appreciating land came up, despite having just N500,000 for a land selling at 2,000,000 naira, she teamed up with her friends to co-invest in it with the hope of reselling in five years’ time when the land would have appreciated.


“We bought the land and in thee years, the land already appreciated to N14.5 million. We sold it and my share from the sale was over N3 million,” she disclosed.

The success of this venture, according to the Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma graduate, spurred her to go fully into real estate by working for most successful real estate gurus for free just to learn the nitty gritty of the business.

“They started sending me to close real estate deals. With much knowledge about real estate, I started my own real estate company, LifeCard Investment International Limited.”

In order to encourage others, who are towing her old path with little to show for, Ibhakhomu, an alumnus of the prestigious Lagos Business School, has set up a special scheme in collaboration with the Joseph Yobo’s iniative, Joseph Yobo Empowerment Fund. ”For those who would love to acquire home assets with LifeCard, this is a great opportunity to key into,” she said.

According to her, “LifeCard brand with utmost integrity, and passion, has been helping investors earn big on their return on investment. The company has assets at strategic locations across the country with high capital appreciation projections with an assets value that has exceeded $15m. We are revolutionising the real estate industry in Nigeria and I think more investors need to take hold of the opportunity.”


On the partnership with Yobo, she said, “we are ready to give the opportunity to 100 people to become proud owners of homes and lands in strategic locations in Lagos. This opportunity is one of the dynamic changes the real estate sector in Nigeria is enjoying that has been yielding positive results.”

Joseph Yobo, former Super Eagles of Nigeria captain and current assistant Super Eagles Coach, who is also the brand ambassador of– LifeCard Investment International, has been involved in quite a lot of great things, but loves the amazing real estate offer.

“I was approached by many reputable real estate firms to be their brand ambassador, but I rejected the offer and decided to partner with LifeCard due to what I saw in the CEO, Grace Ofure. Her success story aligns so much with my ideology that no one should labour for years without an asset that belongs to them. These shared ideologies gave birth to this empowerment opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people. We simply did this to empower people,” he said.

According to Yobo, “The empowerment opportunity is open to 100 people. The foundation, in partnership with LifeCard, believes that owning a home should not be an impossible mission. We want to help them achieve their dream of becoming a home owner.”

We have prepared an empowerment pool fund for 100 people that are enough to set-off ₦500,000 and ₦1,000,000 as an upfront payment for a property they all show interest in.”


He explained further “What I am saying about the empowerment pool fund is that, with a down payment of ₦1, 000,000 (one million Naira) on a house you show interest in and ₦500, 000 (five hundred thousand Naira) on a landed property you chose to invest in, all paid from the Joseph Yobo-LifeCard empowerment fund, you’ve activated your home-ownership clause with LifeCard investment international and that automatically means you are a homeowner who just bought a property with an upfront payment done for you from the empowerment fund.”

When asked how investors will know how dependable and trustworthy the offer is? He said, “Investing with a trustworthy real estate firm is a key thing to consider for any investor. As an investor myself, my real estate investment journey has taught me to only deal with real estate brand that has substance, track record, and a convincing portfolio to show. And that has brought me up to this point and most importantly, in partnership with LifeCard investment international

– A brand I proudly represent.”
He continued, “Investors want to put their money on properties with genuine titles, secure and peaceful acquisition processes, and profitable return on investments. All these we can guarantee you with LifeCard investment international.”

He encouraged everyone, and not just the young investors to key into the great empowerment opportunity. “Owning a home is your right and this is the opportunity to do just that. This opportunity is limited to only the first 100 people who will take action right now.


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