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Majority leader advises candidates to emulate President Jonathan


Dr Lawal Aliyu, the  Majority Leader of Katsina State House of Assembly and PDP candidate for Musawa constituency, has urged his counterparts to emulate President Jonathan by accepting election results without rancour.

Aliyu made the remark on Saturday in Musawa after voting in the Governorship and State Assembly election.

He stressed the need for increased decorum among political aspirants in the country.

The lawmaker commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and security agencies for  peaceful conduct of the elections.

The candidate expressed satisfaction with the distribution of election materials and early commencement of the exercise.

He said that voter turnout and the early commencement of the exercise had demonstrated INEC’s commitment to ensure credible election.

He said INEC and security agencies did their best to ensure smooth operation of the polls.

Vote counting began at 4 p.m. in Funtua, Malumfashi, Muaswa, Matazu, Kafur and Kankara local government areas in the presence of party agents and security personnel.

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  • Ikorodua

    UNEASY PEACE !!!!! The 2015 elections must be described as the BIGGEST ROBBERY of the people’s wish and aspirations. Nigerians flocked massively to the polling stations with unparalled enthusiasm (come rain or shine), most with anguish and anger of what the paid media, local and foreign (not Guardian establishment) had filled the air, space with:- the inevitable victory of a former DICTATOR, Buhari. The PROPAGANGA, DECEIT NAKED LIES and UNETHICAL JOURNALISM, presented Buhari as a ‘BORN AGAIN MESSIAH” with an unblemished and taintless record of the past. This madness also revealed very succinctly a new breed of INTELLECTUAL FRAUDS:- those who subdued the real ‘facts and figures’ about Buhari and instead dwelt with uncontrolled rage, the shortcomings of GEJ. (They used unimaginable magnifying glass, despicable, I must spotlight).
    They apparently succeeded, but on what platform ? THE TRUTH ? I WONDER. Most countries in the globe (no matter the form of governance:-Communists, Socialist, Liberal Democracy even Autocratic) would not contemplate holding an election of any type, where almost 20% of the electorates are likely to be disenfranchised, no country would experiment with a new electoral voting system in such a vital presidential election ( with little or no acceptable and positive TEST RESULTS) The 2015 elections were VICIOUS in many ways:- the amount of money spent in the SHOW OF SHAME process was frightening (N billions here and there, while the electorates were struggling with survival with mire blood, sweat, tears.).
    I’m therefore not surprised by VOTERS APARTHY in the preceeding elections. Their aspirations were dashed, and no prospects of redemptions with the MONSTER PVC machines and their MODUS OPERANDI:- winners are pre ‘fixed’.
    Nigerians must, once again move with a the same VICIOUS BURDEN of a country of acceptable LIES and DECEIT. .