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Mexican political candidate goes topless in campaign ads


Natalie Juarez holding a copy of the topless ad

Natalie Juarez holding a copy of the topless ad

A 34-year old philosophy professor, Natalie Juarez, who is running for a political office in Mexico has gone topless in a campaign adverts aimed at getting voters “energised”.

“We need to tell people, ‘Hey, wake up because if you don’t, sharks are going to eat you up. Wake up, you citizen and politician,” said Juarez, who is running for the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution told CNN.

Juarez placed the billboards above busy streets in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, depicting herself and six other women nude from the waist up, arms covering their chests. The billboard reads: “I dare you to build a new project for a nation with no prejudices.”

She said she believed that solution to issues should be approached from a novel and radical angle. She suggested that narcotics should be legalised in Mexico in order to curtail the growing dastardly influence of drug cartels in the country.

“When it comes to drugs and the violence generated by drug trafficking, we need to start thinking in a radical way. What do I mean by that? Well, we need to start a debate. Let’s legalize (drugs), tax them and use the money for other things,” Juarez said.

In spite of her rather unconventionally novel way of creating awareness about her candidacy, Juarez said she faced being rejected by her constituency which is largely made up of conservatives who will frown at her topless campaign.

“Conservative people are never going to vote for me, never!” Juarez said. “Even if I dressed as a nun and carried a rosary and said that my party was going to give away Bibles and rosaries, they wouldn’t. Conservatives are never going to vote for me,” she said.

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1 Comment
  • ishola morenikeji

    being nude 4rm waist upward won’t motivate citizens 2 vote for u. must ur nudity speak 4 u? what happened 2 “word of mouth”? i believe she has no confidence in herself enough to win and had 2 succumd to such a derogatory act