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Monorail belongs to Rivers, not me, Amaechi tells Wike


Wike-andAmaechiThe Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has expressed his disappointment in the position of the Rivers State government led by Nyeson Wike as regards the monorail transportation project which the government wishes to discontinue.

In a statement by his media office yesterday, Amaechi reminded the governor that the project was that of people of the state and not his. He also questioned the the sincerety of Wike’s claims that the masses called for the discontinuation of the project, “Governor Wike said that he will not touch Amaechi’s monorail and that the entire state has told him not to continue with the project. Can someone please tell Wike that the monorail belongs to Rivers State and it’s not Amaechi’s private monorail? Pray, Governor Wike, which Rivers people told you not to touch the monorail project? Is it the same Rivers people that have consistently praised the project and see it as a catalyst to jump-start the local economy and place the state at the forefront of transport infrastructural development in Africa?” he queried

“Or is Wike aggregating the jaundiced views of the coterie of court-jesters that hang around him daily, as the opinion of the entire people of the State? It is sad, very sad that Wike has elected to play politics with this laudable project that was almost completed before Amaechi left office.

Governor Wike also described several ongoing projects in the State when Amaechi left office as ‘abandoned projects’ that he claimed to have completed or about to complete. He specifically mentioned the Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo Unity road that connects the Island of Opobo to Andoni and the rest of the State. What a shameless lie! This project was ongoing and was almost completed as at May 29, 2015.

“We watched with disgust and disbelief the recent television interview of Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike, excerpts of which had also been used in some newspapers.”

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  • Oma Omenazu

    Governor Wike, I would plead that you complete the monorail project if it will help in availing the sufferings of the Rivers people. Governance is continuous and solely about improving the lives of people that have put you in office. Its really not about you but the people. And when the project is completed it will be said that Amechi started and Wike completed. Which still gives you a pass mark. I don’t live in port Harcourt but I think our governors need to start initiating some of the amenities they and their families see and enjoy when on foreign trips. Its all about sustainability. Who says those things can’t be done here. We all know the right thing to do so lets do it. One step at a time and in the right direction.

  • nana

    it is so amazing how myopic Nigerian leaders are. where did these people crawl out from? have they not watched documentaries on the making of America, China, Singapore? what is wrong with these people?!!! Or is Amechi just taunting Wike with these allegations because I cringe to think a grown educated man would make such an idiotic statement in this 21st century of fast paced business decision making. No wonder they call us developing countries because we are truly like undeveloped and lack the brain capacity or vision to do so. we have been in this developing stage for over 50 years maybe we should just admit we are underdeveloped country and stay there because our leaders seem to be underdeveloped.