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Nasir Alleges Plans To Hijack Buhari’s Administration




Former President of the Court of Appeal and Chairman, Advisory Council, Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation, retired Justice Mamman Nasir, has expressed fear that the President – elect, General Muhammadu Buhari(rtd), might be held captive in office by some Nigerians with parochial interests.

Addressing newsmen yesterday, Justice Nasir said the President -elect would need prayers against the wicked plans by some Nigerians against his good intentions for the country.

“To Mr. President-elect, we pray for him to avoid being captive to vested interests, and provide the determined leadership that respects teamwork and excellence. He will need to put in place a resoundingly check against impunity and make rule of law the order of the day. The Office of the President is a national identity. Nigerians believed the President-elect has the capacity and the will to make Nigeria realise its vision and mission. They expect to get nothing less”, he said

According to him, “Nigerians expect Mr. President-elect to get immediately down to brass tacks, especially on economic rejuvenation, security and fighting corruption. The flow of order-,justice peace- prosperity does not just happen but, with hard work and a lot of patience”.

He admonished Buhari, saying, “As you prepare to assume office, the Foundation wishes you the God Almighty’s guidance to give your best in service to make Nigeria great. Your victory is a call to serve and, therefore, it is crucial for you to deliver resolutely on your service compact to your constituencies, and Nigeria”.

“Remember, all Nigerians are looking up to you to serve and not to be served by them. As you serve, you must collectively have unity of purpose in serving the people and your commitment must rise above ethnic, religious and sectional sentiments. Such cleavages of ethnic nationalism, sectionalism and religious bigotry must be rendered irrelevant in Nigeria.”

He advised him to tackle insecurity with all sense of emergency, even as he described peace as a prerequisite for development in all ramifications.

“Nigeria needed strong, well informed, capacitated and motivated security operatives, committed to protecting the Constitution of the Federal Republic and its provisions and the practices of their professions. Hence, our urgent call to institute this in our security management system, which should also have community content.”

He also urged General Buhari to “Fight corruption decisively”, saying, “our laws must make corruption difficult to perpetuate, but easy to logically prosecute. Persons accused of corruption should have the onus to prove otherwise. The drive against corruption must enable individuals and communities to participate actively as monitors in the fight through protected and easy access to the anti-corruption agencies”.

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  • Agnes

    Me thinks he is already held captive. Look at his transition committe. It’s too late. The vested interests that chose Buhari will govern this nation. It’s between the northern cabal led ny Nasir El Rufai and the southwest Cabal led by the Jagaban . Let the games begin. Nigerians, sorry you voted for a slogan not real change.

    • nicewale

      Agnes, why the heart of are full of evil. I know many Nigerian pray before the election and what evil anyone think about the good work GMB want to do, DAT evil will fall on him or her in Jesus name. But let me ask you people dat talk about Tinubu, what is the wrong doing of Tinubu, bcos he refused to be part of GEJ plan to do interim. God will surely judge u pple one day. Ibaje eniyan ko da ise oluwa duro

      • Advocate of Ngba ngba

        You just an idiot…was it Tinubu that voted for Buhari…? I did, but certainly not for him to kontow to any God father of any kind. Stop this stupid mentality of appeasing King makers, it failed GEJ and will equally fail Buhari to a greater length. MInd you nobody wish opposition well, its not a fellowiship but power struggle. Buhari has to prove his worth.

      • Agnes

        Evilwale for there is no vein of nicety in your body. Rather than martial your points you resort to curses. You and your voodoo politics. The same thing the Oba of Lagos did . You don’t like my candidate you will die in the lagoon. This is typical of you Tinubu follwers. You have no brains . You feed lies and fear to feeble minds with no intellectual content. Wake up ! this is the 21st century. You call God every minute when there is no godliness in you. You curse people in Jesus name. You you should be ashamed to call yourself a Christian. Mamman Nasir a former justice of the Supreme Court has expressed his fears about the dangers of vested interests and politics as usual. I have supported him with examples. If you believe the contrary state it responsibly and intelligibly. If you have nothing to offer keep quiet. This medium of discussion is not for area boys which is where you have your constituency.

        • marx

          Thats a gud one Agnes,,,,,u hit it as it is,,,,,,,time shall tell,,,,,one yr down d line, Nigerians shall take stock of APC stewardship,,,we are watching

    • AMARA.C

      just be calm and quite i gave them just one year to begin sing different song,if not wicked cabals and hardliner nationalist who receive money and advice from u.s and britain ,buhari will not be president,if God opens eyes of nigerians and they see role u.s ,britain and its allied play for jonathan defeat they will begin to mourn,nigeria are sold out ones more.future will tell all story ,nigeria is a fake nation.

      • honesty


    • honesty

      Are you serious?

    • Ebaah Odibo

      Agnes, how right you are! On 28 April 2015, Yahoo News ran an article linking Mr. Tinubu aka Jagaban to heroin trade and money laundering. Kashamu was right! Tinubu is Kashamu’s mentor… in the heroin trade! With men like that midwifing the in-coming Administration of GMB, it is crystal clear that the promised ‘change’ would at most be cosmetic.

  • Tunmise Olomi

    Politics and government involves a clash of interest, Buhari knows his onions and being a tested and trusted administrator was the reason why we voted for him ahead of his rival who is like a leaf on a tree without direction, so Mr Nasir, is not saying anything new afterall government or the struggle for power is not a tea party. This is the Buhari we know and trust, no shaking

    • Agnes

      Olomi. I hope Buhari has the energy and wherewithal to outwit the powerful interests that have Hel us back as a nation all these years. We continue to see the players of old. Modestly I fear that the Buhari you know and trust is all but fiction built in the minds of simple folks through a very effective propangada supported by American brand specialists. I have to concede one strength to Buhari tenacity and determination to secure power but now that he has it albeit with the support of the very interests he wants to cut , I can only wish him luck. He will have to chop the fingers that fed him.

    • honesty

      Is there any provision in the constitution for executive power or line item veto power for the President ? GMB should make use of whatever tools provided in the constitution to make his job easier. This way, he will be able to deal a deadly blow to the cabals who has been holding Nigerians to ransom since Independence . GMB!!!!!!!!!!!!take note

  • eniolaoke

    Every president has his own kitchen cabinet. anyone who thinks GMB is going to be a loner and be influenced by the powers that be in ruling party and in the country at large is not a good student of politics. As a product he was marketed by some people. We can only ask that he whittles down their influence .

  • Guest

    Does Nasir mean by his friends in MI6?

  • asekong

    Oga Justice Nasir, something tells me you have seen more & heard more than you are ready to spill. You have correctly brought to the fore our hidden fears. How I wish the President-elect had had a different route to come to power

  • burning spear

    Did Buhari really win the elections

    • honesty

      I think so

    • Ask GEJ and FFK

    • New Nigerian

      Ask again when he wins re-election in 4 years time, God willing, based on his performance that the people can see.

    • Jika

      The answer to your question lies somewhere in Otuoke!!!!!!!!!!!


    The President elect is no stranger to the antics of Nigerians. As a soldier with a mission he must not look back but forward. There is corruption among those who surround him. He just cannot trust everyone around him, His motto should be Love all but trust a few,.With God o our side, Buhari will make it So help us God.

    • honesty

      well said my brother

  • marx

    Of course the Tinubus will want to run the govt from bourdillon we are watching d scenario,,,,,,,Nigerians are watching APC with keen interest as the go ahead to fulfill what they have been repeatedly criticized as regional party, with regional interest, bigoted interest and divisional party that does not care about d unity of Nigeria,,,desperate people who all they care about Nigeria is how to share positions and not about equity, fairplay and unity of Nigeria,,,,,Let them go ahead and share positions without respect for other nationalities that make up the entity,,,,,,,they will be delusional to do so and think that there will be relative peace in Nigeria from those other nationalities they schemed out,,,,hahaha wishful thinking indeed,,,,,,nah,,,PDP was all about fairplay and they carried other regions along,,,It was Tinubu and APC including Tambuwal that conspired and denied south west their speakership position zoned to them,,,,,PDP believes in fair play and APC all they care is how to share positions and oil blocks and not how to create equity in d system and move Nigeria forward,,,we are watching and I forsee more ethnic militias rising up within the next two years worse than we experienced under Jonathan,,,,,Buhari should be ready to kill all Nigerians,,,,this is democracy babe,,,,

    • Marco van Basten

      APC’s government has always been a case study in Good Governance and I’m just too eager to see how this team will reduce the country to ‘lego’ and provide the good governance that PDP has found elusive for 16 years. Friends, there’s nothing difficult in it. All APC Governors have done it in the state, it only takes nobility and transparency. Just keep your fingers crossed, the masquerade is about to stand dancing, ok.

  • New Nigerian

    We the people would not go to sleep again…we would stay engaged to ensure that the change we voted for is not rubbished by vested interests. Buhari was voted for by the masses and whoever approximates the power of the people to themselves by claiming they “installed” GMB as the president would be lying. Granted their is a party who organized themselves to present credible candidates and programs, now governing would ensure that the people’s work is done – and we would hold GMB’s adminsitartion up to his promise, without equivocation:

    1 – The corrupt would not be in his government. So anyone who has ever been indicted by or has a case to answer before EFCC is automatically disqualified, and by extension, if anyone is appointed and found wanting he should be let go.

    2 – The rescue, rebuild and rejector programs should be executed as presented before Nigerians. [ Banish insecurity, re-organize the military, kill corruption, Revive the economy – create jobs, fix up infrastructures etc]

    3 – All members of the executive would declare their assets.

    4 – We expect a recovery of all stolen commonwealth back into the treasury and then judiciously managed.

  • amador kester

    Good one

    He has to rise above party,ethnic,and religious interests to achieve anything

  • samal54

    It is bound to happen going by the kind of people he relied on to achieve victory.

  • Jemima

    Buhari is going to be a mere figure head and not a functional president.

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    The end justifies the means.