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Nigerians rank low in personal wellbeing, others


Nigeria- image source adesojiadegbulu

Nigeria- image source adesojiadegbulu

THE personal wellbeing and achievement of Nigerians are on the decline.

Portfolio of indices report released by NOIPolls Limited has revealed that the personal wellbeing for March 2015 experienced a slight decline of 0.52 points to stand at 45.26 points, from 45.78 points in February.

NOIPolls reports that Personal Achievement Index (PAI) of Nigerians for the same period actually experienced the highest decline of 2.9 points.

NOIPolls Personal Well-Being Index measures factors impacting on the lives of everyday Nigerians; thereby producing a complete view of the individual’s personal well-being.

The NOIPolls Consumer Confidence Index provides consumer assessments of the economic situation and their intentions and expectations for the future.

Trend analysis indicates that two of the indicators that make up the PWBI; Health index (0.1-point) and Security index (0.9-point) experienced an increase; while other indicators that make up the PWBI experienced a decrease.

Further analysis of the individual indicators, which make up the PWBI, revealed differences in assessment of Nigerians on several attributes of their lives. Nigerians are most satisfied in terms of Physical Health (77.3-points), Social Interaction (79-points), and Religion (89.5-points).

Nigerians showed an average satisfaction in terms of their Standard of Living (52.5-points), Achievement in Life (53.7-points) and Personal Security (59.5-points), while showing low satisfaction in their Personal Economic Situation (41.7-points).

The Personal Wellbeing Index Poll, according to the researchers, was conducted in the month of March and involved telephone interviews of a random nationwide sample.

One thousand randomly selected phone-owning Nigerians aged 18 years and above, representing the six geopolitical zones in the country, were interviewed.

“With a sample of this size, we can say with 95 per cent confidence that the results obtained are statistically precise — within a range of plus or minus three per cent,” according to a statement from NOIPolls.

NOIPolls works in technical partnership with the Gallup Organisation (USA) and conducts periodic opinion polls and studies on various socio-economic and political issues in Nigeria.

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