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Northern Christians pass vote of confidence on Ayokunle as President of CAN for second term

By Saxone Akhaine
24 May 2019   |   2:41 am
Northern Christians, yesterday, expressed satisfaction with the leadership of the National President of Christian Association of Nigeria...

Rev. Olasupo Ayokunle

Northern Christians, yesterday, expressed satisfaction with the leadership of the National President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Dr. Supo Ayokunle ahead of the scheduled Association’s elections in June, 2019.

The Vice Chairman of the 19 Northern States CAN, Reverend Joseph John Hayab who spoke on the preparation by CAN to elect new national officers for the Christian body said that incumbent President, Dr. Ayokunle has been able to protect and defend the interest of Christians in the country, however, “some retrogressive elements are against him because he is not doing their bidding”.

According to Hayab, Christian leaders in the north and southern parts of Nigeria are behind the leadership of Ayokunle and his return as CAN President after the elections that would be conduct by the Association in June, this year.

Reverend Hayab who is also the Kaduna State CAN Chairman criticised those who are presently campaigning against the candidature of the incumbent President, saying that they are the same Christian leaders who supported the emergence of Dr. Ayokunle in 2015 when he emerged as President of the Christian body.

However, he explained that ” these leaders fell apart with him because he decided not to do their bidding and move the Christian Association in Nigeria forward, which he is doing today”.

Hayab who said that the Christians in the North are solidly behind Ayokunle, pointed out that “I am in touch with many Christian leaders in Nigeria, including those who are part of the National Executive Council (NEC), over 90 percent are satisfied with Ayokunle’s leadership”.

He argued that the officials of CAN in the North have been following the development since the emergence of Ayokunle as President and how some external forces within the corridors of CAN have thrown Allegations against and “we have found them as baseless”.

” What I know is that there are shadows and people who have certain scores that they want to settle with the incumbent President of CAN. Instead of acting as Christians and going to Ayokunle to tell him that we don’t like certain things, they are now trying to mislead every Christian to believe in their blackmail”.

“Interesting, myself I knew what happened in the last elections in 2015. Some of these leaders who are now telling us that Ayokunle is bad, why were they saying then that he was an angel”.

“When suddenly has he seized to be an angel and now a devil and want us to believe that he is a devil. We know why is a devil to them today. Because they thought they could manipulate him when they enthroned him. But, when he now told them we must not continue business as usual they withdrew their support”.

Hayab added that what the Nigerian Christian body needs today is a leader that would provide quality leadership against oppression and high-handedness.

According to him, Christians in the north and Nigeria in general will rally round Dr. Ayokunle for his second term bid as CAN President.