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Obasanjo, Adeyeye, Alao-Akala happy over accreditation exercise


Obasanjo-02Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has expressed satisfaction over the accreditation process in Abeokuta, the Ogun capital.

Obasanjo expressed his view at his Ward 11, Unit 22, Olusomi Compound Polling Centre at Oke – Sokori in Abeokuta where he was accredited for the election.

The former president, who arrived the centre at about 10. 10 a.m. was accredited between 10.16 a.m. and 10. 17 a.m.
Obasanjo told news men after his accreditation that he was impressed with the process and the orderly conduct of the people.

“What I have seen here is satisfactory and I have also received similar views expressed by people I have talked to.

“I do hope that the same peaceful situation that obtains here will prevail in other parts of the country.

“We must allay the fears of those people who thought there will be violence or disturbance regarding this election.

“So I appeal to all Nigerians to maintain the peaceful process that we have had so far,” he said.

Obasanjo urged those who could not obtain their PVCs to be calm, adding that such situation did not confer on them any right to be violent.

He advised them to be patient, expressing the hope that this would be redressed before the April 11 elections.

Obasanjo, who commended INEC, observed that it was not possible to have a perfect situation.

Similarly, the Minister of State for Works, Mr Dayo Adeyeye, has expressed delight over the turnout for the election.

The minister, who spoke at his Ise-Ekiti country home, expressed delight over the turnout, attributing the development to massive mobilisation efforts.

The minister also commended the people of the state over the peaceful manner in which they had conducted themselves.

In Ogbomoso, a former governor of Oyo State, Otunba Alao-Akala, has also expressed satisfaction with the turn out for the poll.

He spoke at his Unit 13, Sabo/Taara Polling Unit after being accredited.

But Hon. Mulikat Akande-Adeokola, the Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, lamented the slow pace of the accreditation process.

Akande-Adeola, who attributed this to the card reader, expressed the fear that it may disenfranchise some potential voters.

She, however, expressed happiness over the peaceful manner the exercise was being conducted.

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  • NigerDeltaWatch

    Lord Our God, thank you because though hand Join with hands, the wicked shall not go unpunished.
    Thank you because of the victory of your Son – President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and Nigeria.

    Thank you LORD!

  • Ikorodua

    OBJ should be ashamed of himself. The elections conducted under his BROAD nose were a sham. OBJ is enjoying the TRANSFORMATION agenda of GEJ who has been disrespectfully abused, acused, insulted by this Baba Ole( Papa Thief)

    • Rainbow

      Without OBJ, no jonothin. You people should learn to be grateful. It’s all over for GEJ at these elections. He will never again preside over our dear country Nigeria. One-way ticket to Otuoke straight.
      Change is here.
      God bless Nigeria.

      • Ikorodua

        Nigeria is a NO GO AREA for a RUTHLESS DICTATOR, Buhari. You must be hallucinating that Nigeria will embrace MILITARY DICTATORSHIP. No thanks.
        Regarding OBJ, without MKO, OBJ would still be managing with his mire N120,000:- his life savings b4 and now, one of the wealthiest in the world. Thanks to GEJ for saving Nigeria from the GREEDY VULTURE, Baba Ole gburugburu (Papa Thief round and round), Compulsive and Career LIAR, OBJ._ His children (Iyabo, etc) have also DISOWNED their blood father who they describe as a MANIPULATOR, DELUSIONARY and useless.

        • Rainbow

          Guess what? (Shhhhhh..Don’t tell anyone). The narratives changed several moons ago. To many who are not as bent like the crooked stick dumbo from otuoke, OBJ is actually a straight talker whose bluntness has, in many ways, enlightened many Nigerians regarding these polls. Which is why great many people in this country have turned away from GEJ over his indifference to the plights of Nigerians and his ingratitude for our support for him in 07 & 2011. You see, you cannot with straight face compile a writeup on Jona and his kins without mentioning the notable singular acts of Obasanjo.
          By the way, I am throwing a victory party for our new president – president Buhari. You are invited. Don’t feel bad. Afterall you are Nigerian. I think?
          Change is here.
          God bless Nigeria

          • Ikorodua

            I don’t usually count my chickens b4 they hatch:- a thing or two APC ought to be matured enough (by now) to inculcate. Am I being too generous? ,Well, I think so, infact, I must be..

          • Rainbow

            Sometimes you CAN afford to count your chicken in advance, especially where you clearly have an uncountable number of eggs in one basket. Got my drift? Hnnmm?
            (On a serious note, I am gratified that we have so many young Nigerians who are pasionate about the country, irrespective of our differences. Let’s keep it up, for the future generations.) The invite is still open for that victory party.
            Change is here.
            God bless Nigeria

      • Dennis

        Rainbow, you would never have so-call Nigeria again, that is news for you

        • Rainbow

          By tomorrow morning, your anger and the shock of defeat will have subsided. May be you can now see that Nigeria will not disappear following the defeat of your benefactors at Aso Rock.
          We are throwing a victory party for the new president, president Buhari. You may waka come join us. Don’t bring a bottle. It’s totally free.
          Change is here.
          God bless Nigeria

          • Efula

            You are a joker. |Buhari will never rule this country again.

          • Rainbow

            You may join us for the victory party.
            Change is here.
            God bless Nigeria

    • Maxx, Canada

      You’re a FOOL.