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Okonkwo cautions Biafra agitators against acts of disunity


BiafraPRESIDING Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), Dr. Mike Okonkwo, has warned those behind the agitation for the realisation of sovereign nation of Biafra to desist and allow the unity of Nigeria remain as God ordained it.
Speaking on the recent concluded 26th edition of the Kingdom Life World Conference held at TREM headquarters, Anthony, in Lagos, Okonkwo said Biafra died since 1970 and there is no justification or cause to raise any issue that is capable of disrupting the peace, unity and progress the nation has achieved together.
He said since all the military generals and personnel that participated in the war have agreed to put down their arms and Nigerians agreed to continue as one nation in 1970, Biafra has since ceased to exist.
The cleric, who spoke in the midst of over 100, 000 faithful from across the world, noted that the unity of the country is not negotiable, “although there is opportunity to improve on the present system the country operates.”
Taking a cue from the title of this year’s convention tagged ‘Rest’, Okonkwo said the country cannot afford another holocaust in the name of war. “Nigeria has seen and gone through a lot of tribulations and this is the time for her to rest and her citizens enjoy peace.”
While he urged all Christians to continue to pray for the peace, progress and unity of the country, Okonkwo charged those sponsoring the Biafra agitation to allow the country have her rest. He also encouraged Nigerians to continue to embrace the spirit of unity and peaceful coexistence among one another, while praying for the political leaders of the country.

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    This is a man that is talking based on selfish interests, and not for the majority of the marginalized SE/SS people. He has a mega church in Lagos. He lives in Lagos. He has properties in Lagos. Some of his ordained pastors and tithers are from the SW. So what else do you want him to say? Please you can live in the north Or SW, but we choose to have Biafra. Let us try on our own. If we die so be it, at least we will that we tried and it did not work. We have tried for over 40 years with this corporate entity thing and it is not working for us.

    • Okechukwu Mordi

      So you too want to own property in Biafra? Abeg make una give cogent reason why we should declare Biafra. Until then the great Bishop Okonkwo,s advise remains unassailable! Next abuse please?

    • Victor Aikhionbare

      You and your online pals will do the typing, Some others can do the demonstrating and the dying. works out well for you doesn’t it

  • AA

    These pacifist, sycophantic prophets of the belly should SHUT UP please! This is his response to the slaughtering of peaceful protesters, abi?

  • Nazerine

    Speaking to please his gullible tithe contributors is more important to him than the suffering of his people. Biblical Moses should have left Israelites in Egypt because the Israelite nation had already died at that time – so this pastor is telling me.