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Police ban Tuface from protesting in Lagos




The Lagos State Commissioner of Police (CP), Mr. Fatai Owoseni, has disclosed that popular hip-hop star, Innocent Idibia, also known as Tuface, would not be allowed to embark on any protest in the metropolis.

The artiste recently announced his plan on his Instagram page, stating that he intends to lead a nationwide protest on February 5. Tuface said he would lead the protest against the Federal Government’s handling of the economy among other issues.

Owoseni said the police command was not ready for that kind of demonstration. He stated that the police have received an intelligence report that criminals were planning to hijack the process to wreak havoc on Lagos.

According to him, no matter how good an intention is, hoodlums would always find a way to harass, rob and attack innocent members of the public who may wish to go about their lawful duties.

“We know that Tuface does not have the capacity to contain such a crowd and we will not fold our hands and watch while things go out of hand,” he stressed.

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  • Egbokodo andrew jolomi

    But when people comes out to praise the government,police will even join them.Even Buhari,s wife is tired of the government


    When APC was in opposiiton, sponsoring BBOG groups and their protests, sponsoring occupy Nigeria lagos groups and their protests, it was cool and Jonathan and PDP did not ban even though there was clear political manipulation cus APC sponsored their mobilizations and printing of shirts and banners from abroad but when it comes to this regime, all protests must come with police permit to protest, or protests are illegal, protesters banned, shot at, killed, tear gassed etc all to poortect and launder the poor image of a failed government, a poor market government that cannot sell itself but can hire hungry Nigerians to protests in support which is backed by police cus protests for government cannot be hijacked by criminals.

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    • Casim Wise

      Scam…. If u don’t stop this nonsense I will make sure u get arrested and trailed in a law court.

  • Okpomo

    Government does not give anything to the citizens on a platter. It is taken. The freedom of all Nigerians to protest at anytime and anywhere must be taken come 5th of February, 2016. The protest must go on.

    • Bobby A

      TUFACE who is one of the problems of this country is being sponsored by the looters of the country in the PDP. He even has more than two faces; he can collect money from a devil to do any dirty job . Didn’t he work for Goodluck Jonathan who messed up the economy ?

      TUFACE would collect money on behalf of every fool that joins in the protest . When he told us to vote for Jonathan we later learned he had been settled without letting others know .

      • Okpomo

        It’s always the story line in this part of the world. Quite unfortunate. We have not heard this story in other climes where protests are currently going on. Little wonder those countries are making progress, and we are where we are. Protests and civil disobedience are part and parcel of representative democracies, so, my friend, you and your govt should get used to it.

  • peter archibong

    what else do you expect from a fundamentalist dictator? is he different from yayah jameh?

    • Darlington

      Police my foot! Where were the same police when 808 people were killed in Southern Kaduna? Useless fools!

  • Darlington

    In democracy, police has no constitutional right to stop peaceful protest. This archaic excuse of alleging that hoodlums will hijack this protest is dead on arrival. Come 6th Feb., 2017, Peoples power will triumph over tyrannical forces of oppression. Enough is enough! Kudos to Tuface and his supporters.

  • santhos81

    In as much i don’t have issue with the protest, i think Tuface should re-strategies on this protest. Personally, i am not a fan of the government neither the previous. The problem here is a compounded one. We have people who sat at our Red and Green chambers collecting entitlement here and there, the governors are also part of this menace. They have very little or no impart in the state. I think tuface should tag this protest As Against the Federal government, State governors and the National Assembly. And politician should not be allowed to hijack this protest. Reason being that they have no moral ground to join this protest. Note one thing, If the three successive government that left office, has left a re-burst economy, there is no way the system would have collapse so soon. Tuface thanks.

  • Onwumere Michael

    Woah, is the police saying they are incompetent? In need of relieve from their duty? This is a shot to their feet after Gov Ambode made clear Security is paramount in his administration. NP protect the people not your interest.

  • Jyde

    But pro Buhari and pro APC have open licence to protest day and night. Shame on ALL of you in APC, All People Confused. Nigerians and Nigerian youths especially have entered a wrong bus with CHANGE written on the outside but inside are physical CHAINS.

  • Dipo

    y argue on this people, if you believe in the protest, all u need to do is come out that day and join the protesters to save our generation from these politicians

  • ken joshua

    Northern agenda…….2baba we r in full support of this pls dnt give up jst is all lies.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Lie, lie. Criminals ko, jailbirds ni. The source from which you received your “intelligence report” must be credible for not being able to also identify the “criminals” as to remove them from the crowd. Alternatively, why not get an undertaking from the organizers that the protest will be peaceful? You think we are small fish in the river, ba? Sift out the criminals and allow the rest carry go with the protest. I can almost hear your response: “naa, we are short of material to carry out such sophisticated function.. ” When not in short supply of anything, what else do you do? Yeye democracy…

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    Animal kingdom! Any country that submit her destiny to an illiterate will always suffer what Nigeria is undergoing today.

  • Loveoneanother

    This protects must go on because this is what democracy look like, no one have the right to stop peaceful protests of NIgeriains ✋ police have no right to stop protects by using this excuses.

  • Loveoneanother

    If you believe come out the police ? that work for government and not Nigerians are talking nonsense

  • bayulona

    If the police can’t protect the protesting citizens from hoodlums……. that is a sign of failing security wise by this administration…… 2012 the police was able to protect citizens at Ojota…….if @ 2017 they cannot do beta…….that is the more reason to protest against this ineptitude govt that cannot guarantee security of lives and property

  • Jacky

    Tuface would have better directed his protest to the National Assembly where much of the corruption problem of Nigeria lies. Does he claim ignorant of the rot there?

  • Nwafongwa

    All the gains of the last 16 years are being gradually being rolled back and there’s no whimper from Nigerians. When in January 2012 the government of the day was almost brought down to its knees because of widespread demonstrations arising from the proposed increase in fuel price, it was because the incumbent government realized that the right to protest is a constitutional right. Now the police is taking away that basic right due to the fear of hoodlums ! Shame on your so-called CHANGE which has all become change for the WORSE !


    We are in a military regime. This is no Democracy. A leopard can never change its spot!. Buhari is a dictator and the earlier we realize it the better for all of us.

  • Lasi Kulikuli

    Government does not give anything to the citizens on a platter. It is taken. The freedom of all Nigerians to protest at anytime and anywhere must be taken come 5th of February, 2016. The protest must go on. AND SURE ANY SET BACK WILL LEAD TO SUCH PERSONS DEATH

  • Lasi Kulikuli

    Northern agenda…….2baba we r in full support of this pls dnt give up jst re-strategize………it is all lies. Mr. Fatai Owoseni, PLS BE WARNED AND LETS MAKE OUR COUNTRY FOR A BETTER TOMMOROW

  • Abduljelil Taiwo Ayanlola

    Why not post 30000 police officers there to prevent any havoc. You have no rights to bar Tuface from any protest. Na him fundamental rights oooo

  • ColNwako

    In USA , anti Trump rally was held and police allowed them to voice their protest. People should be allowed to air their views and the leaders should listen. They may say things they never knew was happening. Things their advisers his from them. This should be a welcome development. Pro government rally was held in Abuja and police did not stop them.
    Donald J. Trump did not tell the Federal Marshall , FBI, or State POLICE to stop the rally. Instead he allowed them. This is real Democracy in action. There is tension in the land and opportunity should be given for people to release the tension.

  • Tino

    This is very illegal. The police is not in any position to ban or approve protests. Their work is to maintain law and order. They are not the government, they are bloody civilians.

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