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Police commence establishment of crime data bank in Nigeria


Solomon Arase


EMPLOYERS of labour and foreign countries who find it difficult to prosecute discrete background check on Nigerians may now heave a sigh of relief as the Nigeria Police under the present regime of IGP Solomon Arase, has commenced the development of a Crime and Incident Data Bank. The new project would ensure that crime suspects in Nigeria do not escape the law.

The new innovation would allow the Nigerian Police acquire and maintain the criminal profile of suspects, convicts, ex-convicts and persons of interest.

It would also aid speedy resolution of crimes. According to the project developer and Managing Director of Hardcore Biometric System, Mr. Kizito Ofonagoro, an Information Technology Engineer, the project would allow the Nigeria Police build criminal profiles of all forms of offenders.

The project is about developing a crime and incident database for the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) to help compile the data of everyone who has committed a crime or involved in one in any part of the country.

The purpose of the database is to give a broad over-view into the criminal history of any persons in Nigeria.” “It would allow the NPF build criminal profile of continuous offenders thereby establishing patterns which will aid the much precision needed in criminal investigation.

It would also allow the NPF perform finger-print dusting on crime scene, weapons and other crime scene artifacts which can be used to conduct searches on the data and provide matches.”

He added: “By maintaining a forensic history of spent weapons casings. The NPF will have additional means of identifying weapons used in multiple crimes. It would also help promote international co-operation between the NPF and other international agencies such as Embassies, High Commissions, Interpol and United Nations.”

The database would also be linked to the Nigeria Immigration Service, identifying illegal immigrants and locating them. “It would also aid the Nigeria Customs in monitoring illegal import/export as well as illegal clearing of goods and assist Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) to identify fake and expired vehicle license.

Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) would also benefit, as expired and fake drivers license would be intercepted while traffic offenders would be tracked without hassles,” Ofonagoro said.

Difficulties in running a background check on all political aspirants, banks staffs and other security and government agencies would soon become a thing of the past, he assured.

Ofonagoro said individuals and companies can also do background checks on persons of interest when the database is finally established.

His words: “It would be a quantum leap towards utilizing of information from DNA forensic lab in crime solving efforts. It would also serve as deterrence to potential offenders who will now know the NPF now has better crime solving abilities. They will have a re-think before committing any offence.”

The America -based company fully established in Nigeria, said its technical team are already in the country partnering with Huawei Technology to deliver the project in 36 months.

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  • Laughter

    Good one. Thank God. At least there is someone really thinking in this country

  • Bello Barriga

    The CHANGE Nigerians voted for is taking root. Stay tuned, more CHANGES are coming. Sai BABA Sai BUHARI.

  • Offor

    Yes, a seasoned and professional police officer and IGP, who truly knows his job. Look at what he’s already done in barely 3 months–all positive. I hope that he will make sure that the truth is also revealed regarding all those who sponsored and masterminded the kidnap and murder of a good man, Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Udemba, in Anambra state. Mr. Udemba was kidnapped on March 21, 2012. We believe that the whole of 2012 until March 2015, were dedicated to killing all evidence that would lead honest investigators to the sponsors of this good man’s kidnap and now murder. All of a sudden, the story and report of sighting his corpse in a local mortuary in Anambra state was delivered to his suffering family last month. Who is deceiving whom? People suspect that they brought his corpse out because those criminals are afraid of this present regime- thanks to the “Buhari factor” and thanks to providence for his successful emergence as winner. Question: Where was Mr. Udemba’s corpse before Buhari won the election? We keep thanking God that you won, PMB. Please, help a family that is still suffering. Please Mr. Arase smoke out all those local “big wigs” behind this horror. The people of his town, Nnokwa, are waiting, the citizens of Anambra state are waiting and Nigerians are waiting too. If possible let the DG, SSS help you (IGP), sir, so that you would not get into the temptation of not telling the truth in this particular kidnap and murder probe. My advise is that you please keep your clean record and tell the truth no matter whose ox is gored. I am sure that everybody from PMB to the last person in Nigerian would like to know all those “local big wigs” involved in this dastardly act. All eyes are watching and all ears are open.

  • Folorunso Folowosele

    This headline and subsequent story by Odita Sunday, to me at first, undermines the Nigeria Police if it is true that the Nigeria Police is at the starting block for Crime Data Bank.
    After a moment of reflection, I asked myself the types of Data Banks available in the country? For Population (Births/Deaths, etc), Housing, Employment, etc.
    The National Identity Card Programme, if pursued faithfully and with vigour, may be the way to arriving at an authentic population figure for the country.
    From past experiences, it is not likely we know how many people live in any Nigerian town at a particular time until the people are true to themselves that population statistics are not static but dynamic. That a particular area is more populous today than another does not follow it will always be so. Have we not heard or read of areas once highly populated but now nonexistent?
    In brief, let Nigeria aspire for Data Banks in all areas of endeavour. in particular, a reliable census, not figures conjured from time to time to match historical data, is required for meaningful development planning.

  • stevemoore

    Fellow Nigerians now we know since Gen Gowon.Gen MM. that Almighty GOD has once again giving us a leader.pls.pls.He needs our support. Godbless Nigeria.Amen.

  • stevemoore

    To maintain unity in the nation. and prevent further mass corruption in near feature.Gen.OBJ.Gen oyenusi IBB.Lt Gen DANJUMA.NOTORIOUS armed ROBBER.and his trained armed robber IWALA NUGOZI.should all be jailed for life.They are disgrace to Nigeria.and the world.