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Pray Nigeria does not sink like PDP, Obasanjo urges Nigerians 


Olusegun Obasanjo

Andrew Young, Tracy Roosevelt, Mary Khimulu Grace Symposium To Mark His 80th Birthday

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday called on Nigerians to pray fervently for the country, so that despite its multifarious challenges, it would not “sink like the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has sunk.”

Obasanjo, who spoke in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, stated that it was unbelievable that the PDP, which at one point in time controlled 30 out of the 36 states, is now a shadow of itself and prayed that Nigeria would never get to that level.

He spoke at a ceremony, where 40 different African traditional drums were displayed in his honour as part of activities to mark his 80th birthday.
The colourful event, which was organised by the Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilisation (CBAAC), a department of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, took place at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL).

The occasion had earlier witnessed an international symposium on “Purpose and Utilitarian Values of Presidential Libraries.”Obasanjo, who left the PDP about two years ago after publicly destroying his membership card, told the crowd at the event that it was strange that a party that once controlled 30 out of the 36 states in the country “is now a shadow of itself” due to reconcilable differences.

The former President, who was responding to a remark by the ex-PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Ahmadu Ali, said he was glad that as national chairman, Ali ensured stability and effectiveness in the party.

According to him: “When all was going well, when I brought Ahmadu Ali as the national chairman of the party, we controlled 30 out of the 36 states, but when Ahmadu and I left, the fortune of the PDP sunk.”

He described Ali as a man of truth, hardworking and courageous.“My prayer is, may the fortune of Nigeria never sink like that of the PDP,” he restated.

Speaking earlier at an international symposium organised as part of activities to mark his birthday, the United Nations Ambassador, Mr. Andrew Young, described Obasanjo as a man of peace, saying: “I don’t think there is any man that has made much contribution to Africa than Obasanjo.”

He noted that the Obasanjo Presidential Library would make people to understand his (Obasanjo’s) work as a President and also his leadership qualities.

Young said: “It is time for Nigeria to realise and make amendments where it is lagging behind. “There is no human being in Africa that has experienced what Obasanjo has gone through in the last 50 years.”

Daughter of former American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Tracy, in her remark, maintained that the Presidential Library is a place meant to bring together the memories of the past Presidents of a country and their works.

She said the library is a gift Obasanjo left to share the memories of his past with his people.“There are 14 Presidential Libraries in the United States, but the first Presidential Library in Africa was created by Obasanjo in Abeokuta.”

Former Permanent Delegate of Kenya to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Ambassador Mary Khimulu, who spoke on ‘Presidential Libraries: A Catalyst for Youth Development,’ said the library was not for Nigeria alone, but all Africa, saying: “This is a landmark that should be emulated by all Africans.”

She said the library would help the youth to know the way of the former President and learn from them. It would also help in the development of Nigeria’s democracy.All those who spoke at the occasion commended Obasanjo’s leadership qualities and love for Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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  • Emmy

    I have no doubt that OBJ had made some tremendous contributions to the development of Nigeria, Africa and to its chagrin. One would have thought that having managed the affairs of this country twice as its Commander in Chief that he would most likely always speak the truth with respect, human value and tolerance for people with differ opinion. I get the feeling that this man considers himself or wants to force Nigerians and Africans to consider him as the second best thing that happened to Africa behind Nelson Mandela of blessed memory. OBJ, you are no where near. You have never taken responsibility for anything. You just want to be seen, heard as having done everything right within your powers why you led. I agree though you did everything within you power while you led, but most of those were never right and that include the library you now parade as being saintly established.

    For the most of what has negatively affected Nigeria and has become the evil against PDP, OBJ is the birth force behind it. It is only in Africa that parents who failed at their responsibilities say the children are wayward. What batton did he hand over and by the time he left PDP what legacy did he leave behind? I am certain that in the near future, history will make a comprehensive mockery of our political leaders for their debasement and poor leadership quality. History will show that they were merely opportunists who cared less or nothing about the people they led. Honestly, I do not envy their children.

    When the time is ripe, his-story (history) shall unvail the truth.

    • Nwaizu Ikechukwu Bruno

      Is he one hundredth of Nelson Mandela. Look at the guest entourage of Mandela’s birthdays and even death and compare to the Entourage coming for Baba Egba. G-d is merciful compassionate as well as exonerating the repentant sinner. That is one thing most elites do not understand until it is too late.

  • Fada4Life

    Library built with public funds is being claimed as private property insanity of the highest order

    • wills

      Bro, now that whistle blowing is a lucrative business, if you have any information as regards what you just said above, blow the whistle bro… blow it loud

  • Nwaizu Ikechukwu Bruno

    Baba Egba Sir, who is seeking to destroy PDP?